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FamilyRated USA Review Challenge: Toys & Games!

Posted by FamilyRated Team | Thursday July 30, 20203 comments

FamilyRaters, if you live in the USA, we have an exciting challenge for you!

We have a collection of cool toys and games, and we need your reviews! If you or a family member has had the opportunity to play with one of these in the recent past, we'd love to hear what you think.

As a reward, 10 lucky reviewers will will a $25 gift card for Amazon.com! So easy, right? Every legitimate review you write counts as a valid entry, up to five (5) entries per person. Legitimate review = no copy/pasting, no spam, and your opinion must be based on experience with the toy or game at some point in the past. This contest is open to residents of the United States of America.

Choose from one of the toys or games below to get started:

**This opportunity is now closed**

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?
Click on a featured product above that you have tried and write your review!

Why will only five of my reviews count as entries?
We're trying to give everyone a chance to participate :) This contest may close early if we reach our target number of reviews.

If I've tried several products and I have the same opinion for all of them, can I just copy and paste my review?
Copy/pasting is against our terms of use and any duplicated reviews will be deleted by our admins. Please try to express your opinion uniquely for each review you write. Focus on what makes each product different!

What if I'm a winner and I don't see your email in time to confirm my win?
Unfortunately, if you're unable to confirm your win by the specified date, we'll be forced to pick another winner. We recommend ensuring that [email protected] has been added to your email safe list. To protect your privacy, we do not announce a winner's name until AFTER they have been confirmed.

Good luck FamilyRaters!

Contest Rules: You must be logged into your FamilyRated account for your review to be recorded properly. If you do not have a FamilyRated account, click here to register. FamilyRated membership is free. Contest ends August 2, 2020 or when all products have received a minimum of 10 reviews. The FamilyRated Review Challenge is open to legal residents of the United States who are of age of majority in their state. There are 10 x $25 e-gift cards to be awarded. Potential winners will be contacted by email no later than August 14, 2020 at 5pm Eastern Daylight Time and must respond to confirm their win. By posting a review on FamilyRated, you consent to the possible use of your quote by Spin Master in advertising.
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