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New FamilyRated Offer: PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Posted by FamilyRated Team | Monday September 17, 201819 comments

Save the day with Marshall’s PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck from Spin Master! 
Complete with Marshall figurine (and flashing lights and sounds!), the Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck comes equipped with an extendable 2 ft. tall ladder and working claw arm (perfect for rescuing baby animals), and even a water cannon launcher to help put out those big fires. There's also a Mini Fire Cart and mini fire hose stored inside the Fire Truck -- perfect for those small missions. 

We're seeking US families to test and review the PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck, so click the button below to apply by September 23, 2018 for your chance to be one of our advocates: 
Applications close at 11:59 PM (Pacific time) on September 23, 2018. Offer open to residents of USA only. Selected members will be contacted by email the week of September 24, 2018. Remember to add "[email protected]" to your email address book to ensure that you receive all future communications from us!

For extra consideration, help us share this opportunity on social media and remember to include #DiscoverPAWPatrol.

Good luck!

You must be a FamilyRated member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. FamilyRated is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.

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on September 17, 2018  Bellasmama said:

My daughter would love to test and review any paw patrol toys. She's a big fan and she just had a paw patrol birthday party on September 15th and this.would make a wonderful addition to her paw patrol toys.

on September 17, 2018  dreemz86800  562 said:

This looks awesome! Even I am a fan of paw patrol!

on September 17, 2018  kpanchbhaya  3,625 said:

I wish toys were available for Canadians to review. My daughter is a huge fan of Paw Patrol and would have loved this. Hopefully in the near future Canadians are given a chance as well.

on September 17, 2018  Bobbijo312  2,003 said:

My daughter is in love with Paw Patrol, especially Marshall! She loves how clumsy he is and gets a kick out of it everytime! She would absolutely love this toy!!

on September 17, 2018  julie said:

My son is a huge paw patrol fan and loves everything paw patrol. He wants the fire truck for christmas and this would be awesome to get!

on September 17, 2018  pbdkari  4,393 said:

My little one absolutely loves Marshall and this would be a dream come true for him.

on September 17, 2018  Ju5tscream  1,848 said:

My daughter would go crazy over this! We would love to be able to test and review it!

on September 17, 2018  Gigi5711  619 said:

My 3yr old is obsessed with Paw Patrol!!! This fire truck would be amazing to play with and review!!!

on September 17, 2018  S_athorpe  488 said:

Aww good luck American Friends, Would have loved this!

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