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Always makes feminine hygiene products with the goal to help women positively embrace their femininity. It has been responsible for significant innovations in feminine hygiene including winged pads. The Infinity Pads and Flexi-Style Liners received rave reviews on ChickAdvisor.

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RT @Plan4Girls: Every time someone tells their story, @Always is donating a pack of period products to those in need across the U.S.! https…

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Always Reviews

Always Infinity Pads
These are my favourite pads ever! It is really comfortable and it feels like I am not wearing anything, sometimes I forget it's even there and it absorbs a lot too!!

Always Radiant Infinity Pads
J'ai récemment acheté des serviettes sanitaires, elles sont confortables à porter. Elles ont une bonne absorption. Ne cause pas de mauvaise odeur. Je recommande assurément

Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners
These liners are great for those in between days. They are thin and discreet and absorbent. I try to buy them on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart or when they are 2 for 1 though, as they are a bit pricier than the home brand. However I prefer Always liners over the store brands.

Always Infinity Overnight With Wings
I love these. It is the only thing I will ever buy when it comes to feminine products. The absorption power is magnificent. Outstanding protection overnight, even at the heaviest flow. I love the fact that when you wear it, you dont really know you have it on. They are so...

Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings
Use this product over any other. It’s right size, catches everything and love the wings. The only draw back is sometimes it’s sticks together and you can’t get them apart

Always Infinity with Flex Foam
I like the soft and smooth texture of this pads. Thin but very high in absorbency, comfortable to use. Stays in place. I only use the cotton before but when I tried the flex foam, I really like it.

Always Flexi-Style Liners
They are grate they help protect your panties for daily use or while on ur period and tampons can leak we all know! and keep you fresh. I use them daily and they are comfortable and do not notice when there on.

Always Maxi Pads Overnight Extra Heavy Flow
Always are the champions of period protection; with pads and liners to cater to any type of cycle flow. These Maxi Overnight pads provide a lot of coverage, they're long and wide but not too thick. They offer all day or all night protection that won't leak or fail on you.

Always Clean Fresh Scent Pantiliners
this saved me my entire pregnancy cos i was always having a full bladder, it saved me from so many embarassing moments, and i felt such confidence whenever i used to wear it in public,cos i knew it would save me from horrible accidents

Always Dailies Thin regular liners
I love this product and most repurchase item. Its very easy to carry around. Best value for your money. This liner gives a good protection during the regular days as well as during the end of my periods and it stays in its place and keeps me dry. It is totally worth the money...

Always discreet bladder sensitive bladder protection pads
If have had babies or just have a weak bladder these are amazing! Very absorbent and comfortable. They don’t get big and bulky like most bladder leakage pads. Definitely worth it!

Always Infinity Extra Heavy Overnight Pads with Wings
I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging and this has it!!! They are easy to use, and I enjoy that you are provided a size chart on the box. Made picking out the proper size much easier

Always Pantyliners
I have been using these pantiliners for quite a few years now and they have been the best versions that I’ve tried. You can normally find these for a great deal so they have a great value and the quality is exceptional. I would definitely recommend these to anyone that is...

Always Dailies Xtra Protection Long liners
I am unable to use these pantyliners as they break me out in an allergic reaction causing me to swell up and become itchy. Sadly most of always products does the same to me due to the perfume in them.

Always Feminine Wipes Fresh & Clean
I love feminine wipes as I love to feel clean. I have tried so many different types, as I am searching for the perfect one. I came across Always Feminine Wipes Fresh & Clean. I purchased these at Shoppers Drugmart, and it was a 32 pack for about $3. They are very soft and leave...