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Bakugan Reviews

Bakugan Legends, Nova Bakugan, Light Up Bakugan Action Figures, 1 Character Card and Metal Gate Card (Styles May Vary)
I receive this product #forfree from #butterly #Spin Master Holiday 2022! for my kids to review the product. I would not lie this light up toy is a hit in my house since the day I receive it. This is with them 24/7. They get excited rolling it on the Bakugan board and gets...

Bakugan Legends, 2-inch-Tall Collectible Action Figure and Trading Cards (Styles May Vary)
My son absolutely loves Bakugan. Every creature is so beautifully made and unique. My son loves folding it up and rolling it onto the card just to see it open. This toy is better with several so you can battle them. Even with just one it's still cool to watch them open up. Would...

Bakugan Evolutions Mythic Battle Pack
My five year old was quite thrilled to be a recipient of this Bakugan Evolutions Mythical Battle Pack Set ! He was endlessly entertained with his new set !

Bakugan Legends Starter 3-Pack, Collectible Action Figures (Styles May Vary)
These are really fun for kids to collect! I do like that it comes with a card and the character. The Starter Pack is the most epic way to build your Bakugan collection! Every Bakugan included has awesome detailing and its faction symbol! My older son and his younger brother...

Bakugan Evolutions Dragonoid Brawler Pack
My son thought this was the coolest toy ever! He enjoyed playing with and showing his friends. He is very into Bakugan so this worked out well for him. If you have kids who like Bakugan definitely buy this, they will love it!

Bakugan Multipack Genesis Elemental Collection Action Figures
The Bakugan Evolutions Genesis collection is amazing. It contains two Nanogan, four Bakucores , 2 light up Bakugan and so much more.It’s the biggest pack yet and my kid loves how it lights up and transforms as they play different games.It’s so versatile as when they are not...

Bakugan Evolutions Battle Amp Pack
Was a gift for my grandson , he played with it for a few days but hasn’t really Bothered with it since , good quality toy but a tad pricey when I checked them out at the store

Bakugan Platinum Battle Bundle
My son is completely in-love with Bakugan Platinum Battle Bundle. He loved that it included Pharol and Sharktar, 4 BakuCores, 4 Character Cards and 2 Gate Cards. He was so excited to play with it and face off against his friends. After my son watched the (Bakugan) hit show on...

Bakugan Evolutions Nanogan Brawler Pack
We were lucky to get chosen to try this toy for free in exchange for an honest review. My son loved playing/testing this toy. The little pieces are cute and he loved when he rolled it and it opened up on the card to reveal a character. He had a great time playing and now he...

Bakugan Legends Collection Pack, 4-Pack featuring Cycloid Bakugan, Arcleon Geogan, Nillious Nova, Hydorous Ultra, and 6 BakuCore
My daughter was so excited to try this new pack out. She enjoys doing battles with these bakugan toys. It was a great set with a couple different ones. Really happy we were chosen! I definitely recommend.

Bakugan Collectible Starter Pack - 3-Pack
I cannot tell you how many bakugan we have in our home! I have three kids ages 7,4,&2;. They all love bakugan! We have a lot of fun with then as a family too. My son thinks it is hilarious to set one off next to me when I'm not paying attention because I will jump. 🤣 These...

Bakugan Geogan, Amphrog, Geogan Rising Collectible Action Figure and Trading Cards
#FamilyRatedClub is reviewing Spin Master Toy's Bakugan Geogan Rising. Each came with as collectible action figure and trading cards. I was given Amphrog to review. There are over 60 creatures from Vestoria the land they are from. I had never heard Bakugan (I am shortening...

Bakugan Dragonoid Maximus 8-Inch Transforming Figure
My kids love Bakugan, and Maximus Dragonoid is no exception. It's a little difficult to fold into its storage form but after a few tries they got it. It can't be used with the card game but this is definitely great for younger kids who just want a cool toy to play with.

Bakugan Platinum Power Up S4
My daughter liked this toy. She is still new to Bakugan. You had to really throw them to get them to “activate”. Probably would buy again when she’s a bit older. Or for a gift.

Bakugan Evolutions, 2-inch Tall Collectible Action Figure
My child absolutely loved this toy. He played with it for hours and enjoyed the action of turning into a ball then "battling" with it. The bursting effect was fun to watch.