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Beatrice Reviews

Beatrice Chocolate Milk
This is my favorite brand of chocolate milk. It has the most perfect amount of chocolate in it. It is definitely something that I regularly have in my home.

Beatrice 1% Cottage Cheese
I really like Beatrice's cottage cheese on my lettuce salads. It adds something great to it that I enjoy at least 3 days a week, and relieves the boredom of the same thing day in and day out. My husband thinks it is yummy with chocolate syrup, although I can't vouch for that...

Beatrice Light Sour Cream
C’est une des crèmes sur que j’adore. Je l’achete à chaque fois, que je vais à l’ep. Il est crémeux, goûteuse et pas trop sur. J’en met pour manger avec des croustilles ainsi que dans plusieurs recettes. Souvent, je remplace plusieurs ingrédients par soit...

Beatrice Stirred Style Yogurt in Strawberry
This is a great yougurt. The fruit flavour is really dominant and there are pretty good sized pieces in it. Great to add to granola or eat on it's own.

Beatrice Stirred Style Yogurt in Fieldberry
I actually was kind of expecting this product to not be as good as the name brand. I was happily mistaken. It is just as creamy and flavourful as the brandname yogurts.