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@TigerlillyKatie We're so sorry to hear about your cat. Would you mind sending us a DM so a team member can contact… https://t.co/LzqpCkRkHq

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@jvwlz We're sorry to hear this, we're unable to respond to you however, could you please let us know your details… https://t.co/sxO5CbnzB3

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@MJosling53 The stores, supermarkets decide what price it will charge its customers. Unfortunately, we can't do muc… https://t.co/DiCo0w5ALE

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Blue Buffalo Reviews

Blue Buffalo Pet Food
Our household switched to Blue Buffalo brand for our two dogs and cat after my one dog had food allergies on her old dog food. My dogs love it and no more scooting!! We then switched our cat as well. Has a good reputation while not being too overly expensive!

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter
This litter is by far the highest quality litter I've ever purchased for my cat. I have a monthly subscription to it on Amazon Prime. After years of my cat having accidents and even not using his litter box when it was clean, he has not had an accident since I switched to this...

Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice Adult Dog Food
This is literally the only food my dog loves to eat for some reason. We adopted her close to 3 years ago now. When the previous people had her, they were feeding her really cheap Walmart brand food. We tried 4 different brands before trying this. And it’s the only food that...

Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice Small Breed Adult Dog Food
Butters is my (nearly) 3 year-old miniature poodle - and honestly, I haven't eaten this (okay, I put it in my mouth once - but that was just to encourage him to eat when he was a baby), so his opinion matters more to me than mine does! Butters LOVES this food. He eats it as a...

Blue Buffalo Lamb and Rice Puppy Food
MY new GSD puppy is a very picky eater but this stuff she loves almost as much as wet food. I tried the purenia and she won't even touch it this stuff on the other hand man oh man she loves it. the only fault is its at least 5 dollars more a bag then every other food. I know its...

Blue Buffalo Lamb and Brown Rice Adult dog food
I mix Blue buffalo lamb and rice kibble into my regular dog food which is homemade from fresh lamb and seasonable vegetables. The added kibble helps keep their teeth nice and clean while keeping their diet on track without any non nutritional ingredients. My dogs love it and I...

Blue Buffalo Natural Fish and Sweet Potato Adult dog food
My dog Milli loves this food and she's a picky eater. I find that the natural and healthy ingredients makes a difference in her willingness to eat it but I can 't complain because it's a great quality food with no fillers.

Blue Buffalo Blue Bits
Got these for free when i bought a large bag of food but my dog loves these like will go nuts for them . Will definitely be buying these in future . there great as training treats cause my dog will do anything for them.

Blue Buffalo - Blue Bars Cookies
There is two things I am very certain of when it Comes to my dogs. 1. They are ONLY fed Blue Buffalo Dog food (ever since they were pups). 2. All their treats are 0 Natural or very close to. The dogs go nuts for these as well as the banana ones.

Blue buffalo chicken and oatmeal recipe for small breed puppies
We wanted a high quality food for our corgi puppy when we brought him home at 8 weeks old. We knew that blue buffalo had a great reputation and decided to try it. Our pup loved it from the moment we switched him over. It provides great nutrition for a growing puppy, and never...

Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball Control Chicken & Brown Rice Cat Food
Before I was a Royal Canin fan, but since my siamese had stomach problems the vet recommended this, and she loves it, the price and quality is perfect.