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Stay strong, stay active with BOOST®.
With essential vitamins and minerals in every bottle, BOOST® is a simple, delicious way to get nutrition you need to enjoy your active lifestyle.


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BOOST Reviews

BOOST® High Protein - Chocolate
Boost High Protein Nutritional Energy Drink is a well named product, mainly because it does give you a boost of energy. It has a lot of good nutritious ingredients that can come in handy when you don't have time to sit down and eat, or when you need a little extra something to...

BOOST® High Protein - Vanilla
I've been drinking a lot of Boost High Protein over the last several months since I'm currently unable to consume solid foods. It has a decent taste and texture (it's not gritty or chalky like some drinks with high amounts of protein), but it does leave a bit of a sour...

BOOST Original - Chocolate Latte
I have been sick lately and on a doctor-recommended liquid diet. As someone who loves food that definitely bummed me out. The first thing I did was head to Shopper's Drugmart and pick up a variety pack of Boost Original. Having experienced this before, I knew the other flavours...

BOOST® Diabetic
Boosts Diabetic drinks are a great way to get in your daily nutrition. It also satisfies your sweet craving even though theres no sugar. Doesnt taste gritty or bitter. Smooth and Tasty.

BOOST® Original
BOOST® Original

16 reviews

J’ai vraiment aimé le gout du Boost à la vanille. Habituellement le gout des breuvages similaires n’est pas tres interressant/bon mais pour moi Boost à trouvé la saveur gagnante. C’est un bon substitut de repas et je le recommande à ma famille et amis.

BOOST® Pudding
BOOST® Pudding

2 reviews

I had a lot of this when i was sick and had no appetite . these helped me so much. it has lots of vitamin that your body needs so it is super healthy for you.

BOOST® Plus Calories
I have loved boost ever since I was little!! This stuff tastes amazing and I will continue to drink it forever! Chocolate is my favourite and now I’m interested in trying the protein powder.