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Bummis Reviews

Bummis all-in-one diapers
This product was actually as it states all in one. We loved the comfort of it holding in all contents. We were worried at first that it would not hold but it did very well.

Bummis one size Swimmi swim diaper
I have both the onesize and sized swim diapers and I have to say the onsize is not my favorite. The sizes do not fit properly as much on my boys. I prefer their sized options. The different sizes with the snaps look very funny in the front. They have very cute colors though. And...

Bummis Cotton Wipes, 6pk
Canadian made, super soft cotton, wash extremely well and well priced! These wash cloths can't be beat!

Bummis Swimmi Cloth Diapers, Bubbles, Small (9-15 lbs)
I have used bummis reusable swim diapers for both of my daughters and I find they work well. They contain any poop inside the diaper. They are reasonably priced, considering that the diaper lasts the whole swim season, compared to using several disposable diapers. I use them...

Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds Diaper, 7-20 Pounds
I have used them on both my babies for about 4 months, basically until they are old enough for their one size diapers. They are versatile, easy to wash, can be used as burping cloth ir even just to put under baby for tummy time when they spit up. I now use them as inserts for my...

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap White 4pk (Small (8.5-15lbs))
These are the best diaper covers I own. I have literally never had a leak using them. Both my kids used them and they are very durable. One comment I would have is that their prints are a little boring. BUT they do their job on those blowout breastmilk poops wonderfully!!

Bummis Fabulous Organic Wet Diaper Bag, Green, Medium
Love this bag. I like that I can easily fit 5 diapers in there. They ate my go to for daycare as I bring in an empty bag daily and bring it home every night. I like the handle on them so that I can hang them on a door handle. I love how I can use this bag as my dirty laundry bag...

Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit Pocket Diaper, Pomegranate, 8-35 Pounds
Un investissement surtout lorsqu'on planifie avoir plus d'un enfant. L'ajustement de ces couches se fait parfaitement, aussi facile d'utilisation que des couches jetables. Ces couches sont aussi très absorbantes. Ce sont une des marques que j'ai choisi pour mes enfants.

Bummis Waterproof Bag (Medium for overnight-14"X18")
I just got into cloth diapering and this is the wet bag I purchased. So far so good I am happy with it. The price was a little high in my opinion and I don't like the pattern of the bag that much but it was all that was available at the time. Overall it is a good quality bag...