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Cadbury Reviews

Cadbury Mini Eggs
Cadbury Mini Eggs

995 reviews

When I was a ittle girl I used to love tis product. I used to enjoy them with my mom. Maybe it is just because Ihave grown older but I really feel like the yaste has changed. They are just not as good as they used to be. It is my own personal opinion But, they are no longer...

Cadbury Cream Eggs
Cadbury Cream Eggs

302 reviews

I like this chocolate, it has a nice hard outer milk chocolate shell, then inside a creamy center that pairs well with chocolate but its too much for me. for that reason I don't buy it.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fair Trade Milk Chocolate
Dairy milk is by far the best chocolate around. It’s creamy, tasty, best served from the fridge and not warm. You just can’t beat the original dairy milk!

Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Bar
I am now slightly addicted to these bars. They are crunchy and with the smooth milk chocolate taste..... Yummy!! I could only eat one a day as they are very sweet.

Cadbury Crispy Crunch Chocolate Bar
Crispy Crunch chocolate bar is one of my favorite bars, it has a nice crunch, is good in ice cream, I use it in baking when I make cookies, it gives it a little extra crunch and good flavor.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
I absolutely adore this. I buy this all the time for my sweet tooth. It is so creamy. It is like a special treat each time you have one. I usually buy more than one at a time and my family steals at least one.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Bar
I liked it. The chocolate coating was pretty good and the inside has these little crunchy cookie bits. It wouldn't be my first choice for a chocolate bar but it's alright, I like more of a pure all chocolate bar. It was good for a change, I'd get it again

Cadbury caramilk chocolate bar
Caramilk is one of my favorite chocolate bars. Creamy milk chocolate with soft creamy caramel inside. Who wouldn't like these. Definitely recommend and will be buying them again and again.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Chocolate Bars
I would buy this chocolate 🍫 bar agian, I loved the taste! And that there's Oreos in them. I would reccomend this product to Family and Friends :) I would also buy this product again and have! :)

Cadbury Oreo Creme Egg
Cadbury plus oreo! Yes please! I look forward every easter to grab these! I always stock up since my family loves to snack on them. Its smooth, creamy, also has a bit of crunch to it. Its heaven 👌🏻

Cadbury Mint Family Chocolate bar
Chocolate and mint combining to make the best chocolate bar ever. Tastes like heaven and cant stop once you have started. Mmmmmmmmmmm must have chocolate

Cadbury Oreo Instant Hot Chocolate
this hot chocolate is so tasty, goes great with the oreo biscuits to, creamy and oh so chocolatey. full of flavour and have various flavours to suit the mood.

Mr. Big Chocolate Bar
Mr. Big chocolate bar is probably one of my favourites! I love the crunchiness of the wafer and the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel. So delicious!

Cadbury assorted chocolates in tin
These are great chocolates very smooth and creamy..if your looking to have that sweet tooth taking care of this is the treat for you..you will not be disappointed

Cadbury’s whole nut
Amazing chocolate Silky and just right smooth Most blocks have nut but somemissing I could eat a whole 100g on my own! The best! Packaging is better keeps it fresh and can resealable but the reseal didn’t always work