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Cadbury Reviews

Cadbury Boost Chocolate Bar
This is my favourite Cadbury chocolate bar. The toffee covering with the inside chocolatey and biscuit mix is the perfect combination. My only issue is they are shrinking in size, they seem to be around 50% smaller than 10years ago

Cadbury Dairy Box
I love these Cadbury Dairy Box Chocolates but, usually I can only find them around Christmas Time I like them so much I will get my husband and my sons to pick me some up as gifts I almost eat a whole box of these just sitting down and watching Christmas shows and movies at...

Cadbury Galaxy Chocolate Bar
I absolutely love this chocolate bar has a great taste very smooth in my mouth I never want it to end and it's at a great price to when you buy the large bars which are my favourite

Cadbury mr.big
I'm defiantly a big fan of chocolate bars and Cadbury products, these mr.big bars are defiantly one of my favorites, the chocolate is really nice and I think the wafer inside makes the bar super yummy. The whole family likes them as well.

Cadbury Nut And Raisin Bar
I love this Cadbury Bar as I like Chocolate nuts and raisins and they're all combined together in this chocolate bar I like this bar as a snack at work while on my lunch break

Cadbury Creme Wafer
The box describes this chocolate as "Premium European Confection", and I must say that I agree. I received this as a gift and I have truly enjoyed it. Each chocolate piece comes individually wrapped and is made up a a crispy wafer centre that is covered in milk chocolate. A word...

Tassimo Cadbury Hot Chocolate
I love a hot chocolate but was so disappointed with these drink pods. They’re not cheap so bought them as a treat but they were awful. Very watery taste, only made half a cup and had to add more chocolate powder from my tub to make it drinkable

Caramel Cadbury Creme Eggs
Really creamy rich taste. Definitely worth your money but the price could be lower. Recommend to buy if you're craving a sweet treat! I don't really have a lot to say a bout it except that you should get it whether you want to treat yourself or would just like a tasty snack.

Cadbury Snack Bar
I love these biscuits. They come individually wrapped so are great for throwing in a bag for a snack on the go. Great chocolate to biscuit ratio. Not healthy but a great sweet treat!

Cadbury Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar
My whole family loves these Cadbury Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bars with that crunchy chocolate coating and all that chocolate ice cream inside yum these don't last long in my house hold as soon as I put these in the freezer everyone just grabs them and eats them until they're...

Cadbury Wispa Gold Hot chocolate
I have bought a few of these and would say 1 is enough as they can get quite sickly after 1 mug. I do love the flavour, the bubbles on the top are just a bonus.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Cookie Crunch
Now don't get me wrong I love a bar of dairymilk chocolate and I love an oreo. But putting them together was not somebodies best idea. It is way to sickly and such a weird texture.

Cadbury Crunchie Biscuits
Crunchie Biscuits are one of my favorite cookie. They have combined one of the best chocolate bars ever (Crunchie) with their super rich and delicious cookies to make the ultimate treat. They are a little more expensive than a regular bag or box of cookies, but they are...

Cadbury lil scoops
First year I've seen these on store shelves for Easter, and I dont expect to see them next year. They come in a cute little purple egg carton, 4 to a pack , and each not much bigger than the original cadbury cream egg. But they are no where's near as good as the original...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel & Banana Bar
Got this bar as it was on Checkout 51, and at Walmart for $1, so it was free. Not usually a fan of bananas in anything- but this surprised me. Bar was creamy, with little chunks of caramel and banana flavored chunks that gave it extra texture and flavor. Pleasant surprise for...