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Cadbury Reviews

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate
I am someone who has eaten a lot of chocolate over the last 5 decades or so...I used to only eat milk chocolate, but now that I have tried this Fruit and Nut Bar that is made with dark chocolate...I am converted and can no longer eat regular dairy milk chocolate! I never thought...

Cadbury Oat & ChocChip Cookies
These British bisquits are the perfect treat to have with a cup of tea. I like the combo of oatmeal and chocolate. Great texture, not too pricy. Beware: these will dissapear quickly!

Cadbury Marvellous Creations Jelly Crunchie Bits
This is probably the one Cadbury chocolate bar I do not like. I'm not a big jelly bean person, so that must be why. But this is a no go for me.

Cadbury Orange Chocolate Bar
Finding these can be a little difficult, but they are out there. They are such a treat I snatch them up and stock up whenever I find them. Why? Because it has to be tried to be believed, if you enjoy orange and chocolate flavour. Cadbury's orange chocolate bar is the best out...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly Mint
I don't get to eat these much but yummy .I love the chocolate/mint combination, its the right amount of mint,not too overwhelming for your taste buds

Cadbury Dairy Milk Thins Almond
have been eating them for long. You can upload up to 3 pictures for this review. Total image size must be less than 10MB. / Vous pouvez ajouter jusqu'à 3 photos pour cette revue. La taille du fichier ne doit pas dépasser 10MB.

Cadbury Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut
I found the dark chocolate to be terrible. There wasn't much fruit/nut in it, and was very disappointing. Won't be buying it again, that's for sure.

Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs
Omg i absolutely love these mini eggs that qre my ultimate favorite. When i see them i always have to buy them. I hope i can find them this year as well

Cadbury Dairy Milk Thins Toffee
I love these chocolate bars when I need a treat but I am trying to watch what I eat. This is the perfect chocolate bar to fufill those cravings! They are only 100 calories and they are still really yummy.