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Carnation Reviews

Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate
I keep to a diabetic diet most of the time, and it is very nice to have a cup of hot chocolate once in a while. I like that I can still find it in the canisters instead of the very expensive little packets that they have at the store.

Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate Variety Pack
I used to buy containers of hot chocolate, but found my family would drink only their favorite and the rest would take space in my cupboard. With this variety pack, everyone gets what they want, the proper amount for a serving (no waste) and when we get to the bottom of the...

Carnation Hot chocolate with marshmallows
I feel there’s not enough marshmallows in it , but it still tastes awesome :) could totally use more marshmallows in it and maybe a little bit more in the packs. I always end up having to use two because I have big mugs!!!

Nestle Carnation Simply Hot Chocolate
I love hot chocolate, and by far Carnations and Tim hortons are my favourite. I love that carnation's is affordable and you can buy a huge amount and it will last for a lifetime, the taste is really good and rich.

Carnation Fat Free Evaporated Milk
This is the one I use for all my deserts. This add been recommanded to me by a friend and after tring it I always bought this mark. I did recommanded this mark to everyone after using it.