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At Chapman’s, we’re very proud to be Canada’s largest independent ice cream manufacturer but we’ll never outgrow the community of Markdale, Ontario in which we live and work. A sense of belonging and a feeling of family permeates the atmosphere at Chapman's Ice Cream. We may be located in a village and a little off the beaten track, but we’ll never be out of touch with our customers and we’ll always respond to their needs with quality products at affordable prices.

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Chapman's Reviews

Chapman’s Premium Pistachio and Almonds Ice Cream
I heard about this from my brother, and figured I'd try it. I didn't expect it to be as good as it is! Very yummy, refreshing, and a light but good flavour. Usually a pretty good price, even better when it's on sale. I personally prefer chocolate, but this is a nice option when...

Chapman’s Twister Super Cone Ice Cream with Chocolatey Centre
I really enjoyed these ice cream, but giving 4 stars as I wasn't very fond of the taste of the chocolate come it just had a weird taste but they were still good and I ate them and enjoyed them but other than the chocolate cone they were amazing and so delicious and I will buy...

Chapman’s Twister Super Cone Ice Cream with Caramel Centre
Great texture and amazing flavour you can taste vanilla and chocolate. Good brand. Its very affordable price to buy too. Great to consume cone in summertime. I would highly recommend others and my friends to buy too.

Chapman’s Cookies & Cream and Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Bar
j'ai découvert ces petites gâteries glacées cet été et j'ai bien apprécié le format un peu plus petit que les autres friandises glacées. J'ai adoré le coté très croquant de l'enrobage au chocolat. Hum le coté crémeux de la crème glacée vanille et biscuits. En...

Chapman's Canadian Peaches & Cream Frozen Yogurt
Great tasting product. I would love it in frozen yogurt as well. I have also tried the blueberry and cream and it was also good! I will be buying this peach one regularly.

Chapman's Original Canadian Maple Crunch Ice Cream
Chapman’s ice cream is a regular in our home. We love that their original ice cream is gluten free. They have so many flavours. The maple crunch is definitely a great addition. I also love the design.

Chapman's Canadian Blueberries & Cream Frozen Yogurt
I was so excited to receive this product to try for free. With the hot summer months upon us, I was looking forward to serving this to my family for dessert. It was so good! Creamy, fresh, with lots of blueberries!

Chapman's Original Coffee Chip Ice Cream
I used the coupon to try cookie & cream frozen yogurt but honestly, I don't like it. Then I bought maple walnut and heavenly hash premium ice cream because I thought it was worth a try. Surprisingly these ice cream are amazing and I love them. Highly recommend the premium ice...

Chapman's Cherry Peach Passion Sorbet
I got the opportunity to try this sorbet free from Chapmans and Butterly! Unfortunately I couldn’t find the assigned flavour or any other new flavour in stores yet where I am located (checked about 10 times @ different stores) but since I was assigned a sorbet I decided to...

Chapman's Salty Caramel & Peanuts No Sugar Added Lactose Free Ice Cream
Comme tout les produits chapman celui ci n’echappe pas a la perfection, produit de qualité je recommande svraiment l’essai vous allez l’adorer ! Peut importe la saveur

Chapman's Vanilla with a Chocolatey Coating No Sugar Added Lactose Free Ice Cream Bars
We loved trying out this style of ice cream bar as a different from our usual.. the no sugar added and lactose free really made me happier about feeding it to my kids as a dessert treat, to avoid the sugar rush before bedtime

Chapman's Original Cotton Candy Checkerboard Ice Cream
I die for cotton candy ice cream and this hit the spot! Even my toddler loved it! I could eat it all day everyday! This packed a bunch of flavour compared to others!

Chapman's Vanilla with a Chocolatey Coating & Almonds No Sugar Added Lactose Free Ice Cream Bars
I love ice cream and I have to say this is one of my favourites. I sometimes have to watch on my sugar intake but with this one I do not feel much guilt after having one or two.

Chapman's Coffee and Chocolate No Sugar Added Lactose Free Ice Cream
Great taste , creamy and fluffy , that's how I like my ice-creams . I would differently recommend it to my family and friends . One of the best brand of ice-creams out there , value and flavor for your money .

Chapman's Ball Top Ice Cream Cones in Caramel
Ce cornet au caramel..muhhh il et succulent il laisse un doux arôme de caram le caramel net pas trop sucré il et sale mais pas trop le caramel et mon arôme préféré je le recommande il son très goûteux