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Danone Canada

Danone Canada: the everyday yogurt with good taste and healthy ingredients.

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Danone Canada Reviews

Danone Activia Yogurt
Activia is a great yogurt and offers many different flavours and combination options. It may seem a bit pricier than other yogurts, but I find that the efficiency of the yogurt itself is well worth the extra dollar spent.

Danone Activia Probiotics Vanilla Yogurt
I like the Activia lineup of products and I would describe the taste of this brand as being ‘unique’ and something of an acquired taste. It definitely does not taste like your typical yoghurt and it does take a bit of time to adjust to for this reason. That being said...

Danette Dairy Dessert
The tastes available for almost all of them is crazy: hazelnut is sooo yummy. They are also kind of healthier than most of other pudding or desserts products. Still a bit sweet, but not too much.

Danone Activia in Strawberry and Rhubarb
I'm always looking for new flavors of yogurt and Strawberry rubbarb is my new favorite. I love the fresh taste and Danone is always creamy. Or household favorite yogurt.

Danone Activia in Raspberry
Rasberry has got to be one of my favorite flavors of yogurt ever the seeds in it and the taste are amazing, this stuff is so good for you to i dont know how id go a day without one

Danone Activia Cherry
This yogurt is absolutely delicious! I buy this all the time for my daughter & I. I totally recommend this kind of yogurt to everyone of all ages! Yummy :)

Danone Activia in Apple and Blackberry
This is a great tasting yogurt creamy smooth and delicious with a light sweet taste with good size chunks of apples and blackberries I always buy this yogurt when it goes on sale

Danette Dairy Dessert in Dark Chocolate
Once in a while I get chocolate cravings late at night. Instead of munching on chocolate bars or cookies I started buying Danette Dark Chocolate. It is so creamy and truly tastes delicious.I've tried the other Danette flavors and they are all good but dark chocolate is my...

Danette Dairy Dessert in Vanilla
WOW, Je suis complètement vendue à ce produit ! J'aime tellement les desserts Danette (chocolat au lait et vanille). Tout d'abord, ils se distinguent de tous ses autres compétiteurs par leur fraicheur et leur goût de véritable lait. Il s'agit pour moi d'un dessert idéal ;...

Danette Dairy Dessert in Chocolate Milk
I purchased this dairy dessert for the first time a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure if my kids would like it or not. However, they disappeared from the fridge pretty fast! To tell you the truth, not too many ended up in the kids lunch box as I enjoyed 2 myself. The taste is...

Danino "Go" Yogurt
Very healthy, great for kids lunches, great price. Everything good about this product. My kids love the banana strawberry kind. I buy these on a regular basis. They are great at any time during the day! Take on the go when you're in a rush or wake up late I love products that...

Danette Dairy Dessert in Caramel
voilà un yaourt dont je raffole d'abord pour sa texture onctueuse mais aussi pour son succulent goût de caramel, un vrai régal en plus avec très bon rapport qualité/prix alors pourquoi s'en privé?