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Disney Reviews

Moonlite Gift Pack - Disney
This product was absolutely amazing and a really cool genius idea. It reminded me of the little red View Masters we had when I was a kid. My son was thrilled to try it out. We love reading and this adds such a fun exciting experience to the tradition we already love so well and...

Disney Princess Royal Chambers Playset
Princess fans will go nuts for this. Even as an adult, before the kid testing phase, I fell in love with this little set. It's just so adorable, twee and cute that I found I was smiling the whole time I was taking pictures and unpacking it. There are definitely small parts...

Disney Frozen 5 minute stories
I absolutely love reading my kids bedtime stories. This book is my daughter absolutele favorite. The stories aren't to long where they don't pay attention but long enough that they got a good story. The story's are cute and fun and comes with pictures. I recommend the book and...

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Cinderella
I absolutely love these dolls. I have personally almost bought every single doll for my daughter to play with. They are at a great price compared to barbie. The dolls are made of a good quality and last a while. The dolls look very similar to the actual princess in the movie. So...

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Ariel
I absolutely love the Disney movies and so do my daughter's. The dolls look similar to the actual movies which is nice. The price for the dolls are fantastic. It's an absolute must buy for your princess. The quality is very good and have bought a lot of dolls in this collection

Oral-B Stages Power Brush - A Disney Finding Dory Battery Toothbrush for Kids
I bought this electric brush for my son about 2 years ago & i havn't regretted spending the money at all. The cool colors of the brush has me son interested as well as the cool timing songs that it plays while brushing. I love that you can set it on its base & its ready to go...

Disney Baby Mr. Ray Ocean Lights Activity Gym
Our 2 and a half month old son received this for Christmas from his grandparents. He absolutely loves it. For a baby that usually wants to be held, he certainly enjoys being on it. We wanted this one for him as he loves to look at lights and this didn't disappoint. He happily...

Disney Elena of Avalor Royal Gown Doll
I was impressed with the good quality. Only thing it was a challenge to get the doll out of the box. I had to hide the doll from from grand daughter because I'm using the doll to make her an Elena of Avalor doll cake. I would highly recommend.

Disney Spot It Kids Card Match Game in Tin
I LOVE this card game. It recently saved an annual family camping trip. All children on the trip: L.(boy/13),O.(boy/10), M(girl/9), A.(girl/9), M(boy/6).V(girl/4). The first day was rainy and we couldn't go to the lake or put out the boats, and there was NO WI-FI I seriously...

disney mickey mouse choo choo with tracks
My son is in love with this Mickey Mouse ride on train. It has real train sounds and lights. There is an extra trailer for another child to sit on or stuffed animals. There is even storage for toys under the seats. It goes forwards and backward even. You can use this train...

Disney trolls
Disney trolls

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We bought 2 trolls dolls for my daughter and neice. They loves them and love that they can sing along with the dolls. They get happy just to hear the music play. A good gift for a child 3 and up

Disney Doorables
My daughter had been hearing about these toys for weeks and begging for some so for her birthday 2 weeks ago we bought her 2 of the smaller sets and she loves them. She has them on her shelf all set up and plays with them all the time. I happen to go to Walmart again yesterday...

L'Oreal Kids Disney Frozen 2in1 Shampoo - Icy Melon
Grabbed this in Shoppers coz my little one is a great fan of Frozen. This shampoo exceeded my expectations. Unlike other kids shampoos that we've used, this one is totally tangle-free. Not a fan of the smell but this doesn't bother my daughter

Disney Moana Adventure Doll, 14"
My daughter loves this one a lot from the voice all the way to the clothing. She sings along and plays with Moana with a smile. I think its a great doll and toy.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Play Set - Roadster Racers Garage
Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Play Set - Roadster Racers Garage is a bit on the pricey side, but so worth it for the mickey loving child. My son will sit for hours playing. He also uses it with his matchbox cars, which doubles his playing time.