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Dove Baby

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Dove Baby Reviews

Dove Baby Sensitive Skin & Tear Free Wash & Shampoo
This baby wash replaced the previous one that I had used through 4 babies. Raising my grandson, he developed sensitive skin and eczema. I tried this because it was on sale and what a blessing. First the smell is heavenly and it makes a creamy lather that leaves the baby's skin...

Dove Baby Fresh Scent & Tear Free Wash & Shampoo
Dove has always been a trusted brand in my home. Both of my children have sensitive skin. We’ve been using Dove Hair and Body Wash for three months now. I am very happy with this product! I love the smell, and also that the product doesn’t irritate my children’s skin...

Dove Baby Fresh Scent Bar
I love the scent of this bar, such a good baby smell. Perfect for washing the kid at my moms place where I don't want have a large size bottle of liquid soap available