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Dr. Brown's Reviews

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Options+ Anti-Colic Baby Bottle
We love these bottles! They work great to keep baby from getting air bubbles. They do have a lot of parts to wash but it’s worth it to have a venting system.

dr. brown's natural flow bottle brush
I like it has a sponge and the bristles. The sponge helps getting the suds started. The other end has a nipple cleaner. The suction holder helps keep the brush clean and off the dirty surfaces. The downside is that it gets really bendy with some scrubbing and it has to be...

dr. brown's 4oz plastic bottle
My 2 week old baby is using this product. Before we were using this, he was drinking 2oz in under 5 minutes, but with this product he is taking much longer - about 20 minutes, to drink 2oz. this is better for his immature digestive track

Dr. Brown's Baby's first straw cup
The baby's first straw cup has a weight on the bottom of the straw which allows it to move with your baby/toddler. My son loves this cup since he doesn't have to worry about moving it a certain way just to drink. We have other cups like this, but this one has been my favorite...

Dr. Brown's Electric Steam Sterilizer
So helpful with my little one! Easy to use and clean. Helps keep bottles sterilized. Takes up hardly any space at all. Plus very easy to figure out how to use. You can also put a few bottles in at once

Dr. Brown's Deluxe Bottle Warmer
Super easy to use. Love that it has a timer option. My baby like room temperature or slightly cold milk so it took a few tries to figure out the right setting. I like that it remembers the timer setting so all I have to do is put bottle in and press start twice. I warm 160ml...

Dr. Brown's PreVent Unique Pacifier
These are the only pacifiers that we used for our daughter, She only had them until about 6 months but she loved them. They were easy to clean and i it had little vents in it.Also the pacifiers were orthadonist recommended. The pacifiers werent big as to where they took up her...

Dr. Brown's Double Electric Breast Pump
It worked ok, until the third time I used it. The seals went on both sides by the third use. So instead of getting replacement parts I just sent it back. Was purchased off of Amazon.... No problems returning it for a full refund, but had to pay over thirty bucks for shipping...

Dr. Brown's BPA Free Polypropylene Bottle, 3 Pack, 8 oz
So I purchased these bottles for my daughter and still had to give her gas drops it really didn't help with the airflow she was still gassy and fussy.

Dr. Brown's 3-pack 8-ounce Standard Bottles
I love these bottles and so does my daughter. We tried a number of bottles before finally finding these Dr, Browns bottles that my breastfeeding daughter would take.

Dr. Browns 8oz. Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottle
So I put the value a little down because I bought one bottle and it cost me $8 then found out if you buy a 3 pack it's only $14. That's a free bottle I was disappointed of course. The bottle it's self is great though. It helped so my newborn did not burp as much. It even comes...

Dr Brown's 4-oz. Glass Baby Bottle 2-pk.
We are using those baby bottles for our baby. The new design to reduce colic seems to be working as it helps reduce the amount of air when baby drinks. With this bottle I was able to do both breastfeeding and dr brown without issues. The design has greatly improved over the...

Dr Brown's 8-oz. Glass Baby Bottle 2-pk.
I tried this product when my son was a newborn and it leaked every time I used it. I set it down and the whole bottle shattered. I did complain to dr browns and received a new one but it still leaked, I will never used dr browns again.

Dr. Brown's BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Bottle Starter Kit
Best bottles for babies with acid reflux and are colicky. Started using these with my youngest baby and after the first use he could finally sleep through the night with out waking up with a belly ache

Dr. Brown's 8 oz. Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle, 3 Pack
After trying many, many bottles and three kids later, I finally found the best bottles ever. These bottles are great for picky babies and ones that tend to spit up a lot. They seem to have the perfect flow and their special design takes keeps the air bubbles from entering your...