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Folgers Reviews

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee
Folgers is the only coffee I buy for at home brewing. Even bought a red coffee maker to go with my red Folgers cans! Even when it's not on sale I can afford a can of Folgers and love that they are plastic cans. I refuse the cans because I love the color, my pantry is a sea...

Folgers Mountain Roast Coffee
Folgers is the only brand that we buy for at home as it is the only one that does not give me a brutal headache or a stomach ache! Smells and tastes great especially that first thing in the morning while sitting on our deck listening to the birds cup! Only complaint is you must...

Folgers Mocha Swirl K-Cups
I am an avid coffee drinker and especially enjoy a good flavoured coffee. I bought this thinking it would help with my sweet tooth and was disappointed with the overall flavor. It’s falls short on the overall flavour of chocolate mixed with coffee. Although it smells delicious...