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Frank's RedHot

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Frank's RedHot Reviews

Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce
This is the best hot sauce ever created. The flavor is spot on and keeps you wanting more. It's delicious and very cost friendly. Can be found anywhere. Has the right amount of kick to it!

Frank's RedHot Original Seasoning
I finally have had the chance to try Frank's Red Hot Original Seasoning, and you know, it's not half bad. I tried using mine on popcorn and it's pretty tasty. It isn't overly spicy. I like that, because it means that you can add more or less seasoing and control the level of...

Frank's Red Hot General Tso's Sauce
General Tso is an altime favourite of mine so I naturally wanted to try this sauce. It is too spicy for my liking. However, I have 4 sons who like spicy and they raved about this. I will definitely be purchasing this again!

Frank's Stinging Honey Garlic
Yum! This honey garlic sauce is delicious! It has a perfect balance of sweet and garlic and has a lovely heat to it. We used it on meatballs, chicken and ribs.

Frank's Red hot sweet chili
This stuff is liquid gold! It tastes less like a hot sauce, and more like a spicy plum sauce. I used it with sausage rolls last week because I was out of plum sauce, but this was way better. My husband used half the bottle in less than a few weeks. He puts it on everything...

Frank's Sweet Chili sauce
Frank's Sweet Chili sauce is a great dip for chicken or spring rolls. It is also a Fantastic glaze on chicken or drizzled on cooked beef.

Frank's RedHot Kickin BBQ Sauce
Delicious! I love medium wing sauce, but could never find a tasty alternative at home until I found this sauce. It's hot, but not too hot. Tastes like wing night at home.

Frank's Red hot Wing sauce
I love this amazing wing sauce! Great Flavor. I just wish it would of had more spicyniess in it. I love really hot spicy wings. My family and I love this sauce so much we never ran out.

Frank's RedHot Chile N Lime Sauce
My fav sauce for soups ,Mexican foods and especially chicken wings ! Just mix Franks sauce with melted butter and toss your wings in it and you are good to go . Yummy!