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Glade Reviews

Glade Wax Melts Warmer
I really enjoy my wax melter. It has so many different scents and they last for days. However, it can get very messy when moved and the wax has not hardened. Was is so hard to get off of any surface.

Glade Wax Melts
Glade Wax Melts

167 reviews

Love the smell of the would tell friends about it and i will get any self more later when i need more though good scent but only lasts 1 day..so it means Lovely fragmented but I do find that the smell significantly wears off after the first day. You will not get the same effects...

Glade Candle 2 in 1
I love candles and burn them in every room of my house. I have many different brands and scents and am willing to try almost any. I bought these because I have used the glade brand before and loved them. The scent of these is so amazing and it really fills the whole room with...

Glade Spray Air Freshener in Lavender and Vanilla
this product keeps my house smelling good . even with my husbands smelly feet and my son. I even use this in the common area of my apartments so it's smelling good also

Glade Air Freshener in Clean Linen
Le rafraichisseur d'air Glade est mon favori de toutes les marques sur le marché. J'en ai un dans toutes les pieces de la maison et je les utilise fréquemment. Ils laissent une bonne odeur partout.

Glade Air Freshener Hawaiian Breeze
This product isn’t for me. I tried it in my living room where everyone including the dog lives and it just made the room smell too strong and gave everyone a headache, I much prefer the plug in instead.

Glade Air Freshener Apple Cinnamon
Le désodorisant d'air glade pomme cannelle sent très bon et pendant plusieurs heures il donne a l'air une senteur invitante et agréable pas trop forte

Glade 2-IN-1 Candles
J'aime beaucoup les chandelles Glade, elles laissent une super odeur dans la maison et en plus donne une ambiance chaleureuse à la pièce. Je les utilise tous les jours et je les recommande fortement

Glade Expressions in Cotton & Italian Mandarin
I purchased 3 of these bottles on sale and the scent was nice and light, however, this bottle is not well constructed. Instead of a trigger to use the spray you have to push the sides and if you don't apply the right pressure nothing comes out. My mom has arthritis and cannot...

This is amazing it reminds me of my essential oil diffuser at home. It lasts so long and it’s always fresh when I get into my car. I only have to buy this once every couple of months because it lasts so long

Glade Sense and Spray
I just recently bought one of these and I love it! It makes the whole area of the house it’s in, smell amazing (I have it in my dining room and you can smell it in the living room and kitchen too) My only issue is that it seems scents for it are limited or my store just...

Glade Hawiian Spray Airfreshener
We always have a Glade air freshener ready and available for use in our work bathroom. We are in a small office, with the bathroom within the same space so it definitly helps! I love this scent the most! It's so fresh and sweet smelling!

Glade Candles 4 Pack Of Christmas Scents
I first bought this item last year for my daughter for Christmas. It had a nice variety of Christmas scents and was a great price at 4 candles for around 12 dollars. Glade candles are beautifully scented and fill the entire room with their gorgeous aroma. I would suggest this...

Glade holiday candle set
When Christmas season starts I always buy this set, its three candles and mixed scents in each package! I also buy for gifts for people and they love it. The candles last a while too

Glade wax melts pumpkin spice
Smells amazing! I love pumpkin scent anything so my opinion is probably bias on the scent. But I was surprised at how fast the scent filled the room, and stayed long after turning off the warmer. The warmer in one of my bathrooms hasn't been used in months but had the wax in it...