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Great Value (Walmart)

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Great Value (Walmart) Reviews

Great Value ( Walmart Brand ) Chips
We decided to give the great value chips a try because they were a cheaper offer. They didn’t disappoint. They taste great. You get a lot in the bags.

Great Value Disinfectant Wipes
The orange scented wipes smell great. They clean the surface and disinfect it really well. They don't make your hands feel dried out after using them. They are convenient to have around and just grab one or two for small messes.

Great Value (Walmart Brand) Dill Pickle Chips
I love these chips. They aren’t as expensive as the name brand but taste just as amazing! They’re crisp and fresh, and not stale like some cheaper brands I have tried.

Great Value Frozen Sliced Strawberry & Banana
I recently discovered these frozen fruits as I’m trying to change up my diet and make smoothies, açai bowls, and parfaits for the family for breakfast and snacks. These fruits are delicious, packed with nutrients and so fun to use. What else I love about it is that it’s...

Great Value Plain English Muffins
I'm more of a bagel person myself because there's an list toppings you can put on a breakfast bagel but occasionally I like to treat myself to an English muffin with some delicious melted butter on top. Love the way it has all those hundreds of little holes which hold the butter...

Great Value Gingerbread Men
I coudn't believe the price of these cookies, you get them for such a steal! Loved the taste of the cookies and how it was evenly coated with sugar on the top. Great for the holidays and will continue to purchase this item

Great Value Salted Butter
I was very curious about this butter so I decided to give it a try. I spread it on my toast, and it tasted exactly like the higher priced, name brand butters. I used this butter to caramelize onions and it worked perfectly. Just in case you do not like this butter, it comes...

great value fruity whirls cereal
This cereal tastes really good and almost like the original Fruitloops they go for $3.00 at Walmart, my daughter loves them for breakfast without milk and for a snack, so do I but with milk.

Great value macaroni & cheese
I had it a few times and I really enjoyed its flavour. It is not to salty like other more expensive brands. I like how creamy it is, I would recommend it for sure, and it is super affordable.

Great value caramel nut granola bars
Perfect combination of chocolate, caramel and granola . Not too sweet and you certainly can't go wrong for that price. They taste juste like the real brand

Great Value Club Soda (WalMart Brand)
I don’t know how people like this stufff, I mean if you do I can’t judge but I can’t handle the taste! It’s like fizzy water with a metal taste😞 yuck

Great Value Vanilla Bars in a chocolatey coating
I purchased these vanilla ice cream bars at Walmart. I'm unsure of the original price but recall it being the cheapest for its quantity. The box comes with 24 individually wrapped bars on a wooden stick. The stick is fairly long and the bars don't melt easily so there's no worry...

great value maple & brown sugar instant oatmeal
My favourite flavour of oatmeal out there. This has the perfect amount of flavouring after it is made. I did not find it have a bitter after taste in my mouth as well. It's inexpensive I think I bought it for like $2 and it comes in easy to pot pouches. Definitely worth the buy.

Great Value - Mountain Chewy Nut Bars
I think that it is pretty good. Considering the price and what not it has a great taste. They are great for when I go camping. Will buy again when I go camping or hiking.

Great Value Ramen Noodles - Chicken
Love these. They are simple to make, I simply crunch my noodles ,pour in a bowl , add enough water to cover , microwave for 3 min 30 sec and than drain excess water and add seasoning packet!! These are such a quick snack / lunch that I love making. The chicken flavor packet is...