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Great Value (Walmart)

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Great Value (Walmart) Reviews

Great Value Sour Gummy Treats
I absolutely love these ! They are sweet and have a nice flavour to them , best one is by far the red and blue. They are always nice a fresh , soft and not to chewy . It says that they are suppose to be sour and there's nothing about these that is sour ( I don't like sour...

Great Value (Walmart Brand) Peach Rings
I will purchase this item again. Great taste and price. My family loves them and the grandchildren look for them the minute they come in the door. Awsome deal!!

Great Value Double Zipper Sandwich Bags
These work just as good as the more expensive brands. They seal so well and are easy enough for kids to open in lunches. Great price and great buy! I will definitely be continuing to purchase these.

Great Value Heavy Duty Bleach
I like to buy bleach to clean my washing machine every two weeks or so. I like to purchase the Great Value bleach because, well, it's a great value for what I use it for.

Great value pecan pieces
These pecan pieces are delicious. I pick these up for putting in chocolate chip cookies. I also use these in salads, a really nice way to kick a salad up a notch and add some healthy fats/protien. Always fresh and really tasty. Fabulous price too!

Great Value Birthday Party Cake Mix
I recommend this product , I was in a budget and my kids wanted a to bake cupcakes so I got the cheapest in doubt if it was good or not but the results were they other way around the cake was moist and soft and so delicious for a $0.88 cake box It was more than I expected.

Great Value pineapple chunks 600gr
This bag of frozen pineapple is a new addition to my household and it will be around for a long time. The taste of the pineapple is great and we use it for a snack whenever. I personally like to top my ice cream with some chunks.

Great Value Puppy Training Pads
I purchased these for my small senior dog when he had incontinence issues when sleeping due to kidney problems. I put one of these a night wrapped around the cushion of his bed. It did the trick! It was great at absorbing fluid so he wasn't laying in it, and saved us from having...

Great Value Natural Almonds
Great value is the way to go when to want good quality and freshness. These almond are so goos it is hard to put them down when eating. They are really fresh as well

Frosted corn flakes , great value
I've been finding great value products pretty decent so I decided to try the frosted flakes. Never again. They definitely were not frosted and was more like simple corn flakes.

Great Value Cut Broccoli
These are very quick and convienent to have. They are small enough that they take no time to cook. Just a couple minutes. The only thing I wish was different was that there are way too many of just the stems. I want the florets not the stems.

Great Value Dry Sweeper Refills Textured
These are the comparable product to Swiffer Sweeper Dry Refills. These Great Value are WAY BETTER than the Swiffer Brand I couldn't believe it. They pick up anything and everything. I have a black cat and I have long brown hair and hard wood floors. I will vacuum and mop and...

Great Value Classic Roast Medium Grind Coffee
I originally purchased when i had a houseguest using crazy amounts of coffee. I felt like icouldnt afford expensive coffees. Well my oh my what a surprise when i fell in love with this coffee. Dont let the low priced fool you. This coffee is delicious.

Great Value Plastic Wrap
Would never buy this again. Utter shite. Cutter didn't work. Wrap didn't stick to anything but itself so I wrapped the tray over and over (frustrated!) And it was still loose! Never again

Great value cosmic pops
I love the Great Value Cosmic Pops! I like them better than the name brand Rocket Pops, as the taste is better, as well as the quality and value! It is a much better price and the box comes with many more popsicles in it. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a...