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Great Value (Walmart)

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Great Value (Walmart) Reviews

Great Value Diced Tomatoes
great tasting dice tomatoes that taste natural and are very cheap compare to other brands . I also love that they are not salty like some other brands.

Great Value Sweet Whole Gherkin Pickles
Oh my goodness,these are the best pickles I have ever tasted,they are sweet and they have a crisp crunch when you bite into them. I love that they are bite size. I eat them right out of the jar.They are so delicious. I only use to buy them for holiday dinners but now I buy them...

Great value birthday party ice cream
A refreshing treat in the summer when it is warm outside. Great to have on hand.

Great Value all dressed chips
Once we tried great value chips we realized they are WAY better than the big companies (Lays etc) and they have way more flavour and are only 99cents. Theirs is no way to go wrong.

Great Value Fluorescent Bulbs
I just bought these and so far in really happy ! They were a good price and also they are really bright bulb ! Definitely feels like day time lol

Great value strawberry stirred yogurt
This is my favorite kind of yogurt. It may be no name and be cheap, but don't let the fool you the taste really is great! There is like no strawberry pieces in this(maybe like 2). And I love that. It would be great for a baby just starting with solid foods and has no teeth yet...

Great Value Beef Hamburgers
I am a burger fanatic. I do not even know why I picked these burgers up, but I totally regret it. They were absolutely appalling. They tasted so dry and like cardboard almost. I tried making them a few different ways, to see if it was just me, but no, these were...

Great Value Oxi Energy Laundry Detergent
This was a budget buy that until compared to something else, I thought was ok. We had to buy a different brand of detergent for a different washer and we realized how hard this makes the clothing. It also takes a decent amount of liquid to clean, so it doesn't really save any...

Great Value Milk Chocolate
I always add a few of these to my cart when I do groceries. Can't beat the price and they're really good! Wasn't sure what to expect when I bought them the first time but I was pleasantly surprised. The hazelnut ones are a favourite in our home.

Great Value sweet and salty almond bars
I love nutty bars. I also love anything that is either sweet or salty. I honestly picked these up on a quick grocery trip and wanted to stock my pantry with snacks. I have eaten them all... by myself. I will be repurchasing these as not only are they a great taste, but they are...

Great Value White Vinegar
I don't usually use vinegar as a condiment on my food. But what i do use it for is pretty much everything i clean. I use it to de scale my keruig, my cat was having bladder problems or accidents, and the only thing i found that would work to get the smell out is vinegar. I also...

Great value ranch dressing
Price is great, quality is good, I am not as big of a fan of the taste. My husband and children like it, but I prefer a different brand when it comes to ranch dressing. Overall, it's a family approved product in our home.

Great value extra butter popcorn
This popcorn is by far a great value. For half the price of the name brand this popcorn is my go to. It's taste is even better then name brand in my opinion. My girlfriend is a popcorn addict and approves of this popcorn!

Great Value Cherry Sours
Our kids and oldest grandson love these cherry sour candies. They are very affordable since they are Wal-Mart's generic brand. The flavor is a true cherry taste.

Great value cherry sauce
Tastes like stuff you'd get from a restaurant!