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Johnson's Baby

Johnson's Baby is a brand of skin and hair care products made specifically for babies. It is a brand within the American manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, founded in 1886. ChickAdvisor members recommend the Baby Oil, Softlotion 24 Hour Moisture and Bedtime Lotion.

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Johnson's Baby Reviews

Johnson's® Baby Shampoo
This is definitely one of my favorite shampoos. I live in rural Canada and my boys are always busy busy which turns out to be dirty dirty the shampoo is super gentle and really does the job

Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Bath
This has been a favorite with my kids and grandkids. Smells great and who doesnt love purple. Leaves kids skin smooth and soft and clean. Johnson has a long standing reputation for good products. You should try it!

Johnson's® Cottontouch™ Newborn Face & Body Lotion
Keeps my babies smelling so good! It feels so great that I even put it on myself occasionally. Friends and family are always commenting on how soft my children's skin and how amazing they smell and this is the only lotion I ever use.

Johnson's® Cottontouch™ Newborn Wash and Shampoo
I found this when I had my second child and I absolutely love it. It's so gentle and smells amazing. She is two and we still love to use it. My other favourite thing about it is that it does not cost a fortune. I will continue to recommend this to all new moms.

Johnson's Baby Lotion
I would not give it a very high rating because I have seen better product quality from them. However, it smells great and makes your baby skin soft. I still think it could do better in terms of moisturizing. Overall, it is a great product in terms of texture and fragrance. I...

Johnson's® Head-to-Toe® Baby Wash
This product is great and affordable. It is not harsh on babies skin at all. I would recommend it to any moms I come across and I will continue to buy this for my baby.

Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Lotion
I learned about this lotion when I was having trouble with my baby falling asleep on her own at nighttime. She would cry and cry for her bottle. She I got this lotion and every night after bedtime I would lotion her up. It really helped her calm down and relax to fall asleep. I...

Johnson's Baby Oil
Johnson's Baby Oil

268 reviews

I would love to buy this product again as I use this as my hair serum it nourishes my hair and it also protects my hair against heat of the hair dryer.

Johnson's® Baby Bedtime® Bubble Bath
We use this every evening bath as part of our bedtime routine. The product is calming and smells amazing. It was especially helpful during witching hours.

JOHNSON’S® Calming Baby Shampoo
My daughter will be 6 in April, we have tried other shampoos on her but they always make her scalp itchy and flakey. We end up going back to this shampoo without fail. It smells nice and leaves my daughters hair looking and feeling much better.

Johnson's® Soothing Vapour Bath
I used to always have a bottle of Jhonson's Soothing Vapo Bath on hand when my child was a young! It was so simple to use and make me feel like I was truly helping him when he had a cold and was congested. There isn't much on the market so help with congestion in small babies...

JOHNSON’S® Skin Nourish Vanilla Oat Wash
I love the unique smell of this Johnson baby shampoo. So gentle and leave my hair smell so nice and more importantly leave my hair smooth with the conditioner contain in the shampoo. I will definitely use this shampoo whenever I travel too.

Johnson's Baby Powder, Original
The Johnson's baby powder smells really good and natural. I would rather put it on in the morning and afternoon when I go out with my friends and family.

Johnson's Baby Gift Set Take Along Pack
We used this pack at first because we received it as a gift for the newest member of the family. Then we bought it as it is a great idea for travelling .

Johnson's Baby Oil Gel
Very very lovely products I use all of them , they're very gentle non the skin no allergies no strong scent which I like so much and they are made for a sensitive skin mostly so it's perfect for a baby skin , I recommend for you mommies