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Kinetic Sand

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Kinetic Sand Reviews

Kinetic Sand Sandbox Set
I thought this was an interesting concept for kids so I decided to buy it. Once I opened it my kids and I played for hours. This sand is easy moldable and able to be reused. Best of all the sandbox set comes with its own little play sandbox table top style so the mess stays in...

Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset
I highly recommend this Kinetic sand craft for kids. It provides indoor craft activities to keep inquisitive minds occupied. Both my 5 and 3 year olds love this.

Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set with 2lbs of Colored and Black Kinetic Sand
I really enjoyed this and so did my nieces and nephews it’s suitable for everyone and every age I’m glad I received this product I will definitely repurchase for my other nieces.

Kinetic Sand Scents, 8oz Scented Kinetic Sand
My kids absolutely love this product and will play with it for hours on end. It's been there go to activity after daycare since we first received the product.

Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand

51 reviews

I love the feeling of kinetic sand. I play with this with my nephew, and while we both have fun, I’d say I love it more than he does! There is something so satisfying about the sensory experience it provides. This was good quality, too.

Kinetic Sand Kalm, Zen Box Kinetic Sand Set for Adults
Its Calming and soothing, my anxiety during the pandemic was at all time high however with this zen box i can have a piece a mind, keeps my hands busy but not for nothing to build whatever your thinking about 😎😝 #zenbox #kineticsand #spinmaster #naturalsand #calmingart...

Kinetic Sand Surprise, Mini Mystery Surprise
Very underwhelming. I have never been a fan of kinetic sand but my daughter loves the stuff. She was very disappointed in this product. The surprise that came with the sand barely did what It was designed to Do. Made a huge mess. Save your money.

Kinetic Sand Sandyland Portable Playset
I would highly recommend this if you have little ones that don't quite get the point of a board game but you want to have a family play night. Good product, for a good price. We loved it and would highly recommend it.

Kinetic Sand Scents 4oz Ice Cream Cone Container
This is really a fun living toy which is so relaxing. It helps to motorise the senses and is chemical free.me and my son loved it so much that we bought in other could put too. This smells so good and is kids friendly. I will highly recommend.

Kinetic Sand Buried Treasure 3-Pack Set
My daughter, who is 9, really enjoyed playing with this toy. She liked having to search in the sand for the treasures. It defeinitly kept her occupied for a while and continues to play with the sand. Would recommend!

Kinetic Sand Shimmer Unicorn Kingdom Playset
This was the perfect edition to our unicorn play date and we had so much fun mixing all of the colourful and sparkly Kinectic Sand. We had so much fun making different shapes for our unicorn friends.

Kinetic Sand Scents Ice Cream Cone with 2 Colors of Scented Kinetic Sand (4 oz)
My son LOVES kinetic sand. Buying it in the shape of an ice cream cone is an added bonus. The scent was pleasant. All of my children love to play with this sand. The only thing I might change is how the top of the cone comes off so easily. Easy for the sand go come out.

Kinetic Sand Scents Ice Cream Treats Set
I went to the store and let daughter pick out a few toys. It was between this and a play doh set. She picked this Kinetic Sand set. There were many different Kinetic Sand sets but this one looked like you get the most value for your money. My daughter loves playing with it. The...

Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox
This is a big hit in my home! I love that it comes with the box that snaps shut for easy storage and keeps the sand contained to that area. We’ve made endless sand castles with this and will be continuing to use this regularly!

Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set
I just bought one of these test for a birthday gift and the child really was happy with it. I now have to buy one for my grandson who is 8!! He has one that u can use with construction workers and he enjoys it so much. I also live the sand because it won’t dry out and last a...