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Kirkland Signature

The Kirkland Signature label today appears on about 20 percent of the products you find in your local warehouse - on everything from men's dress shirts to laundry detergent, pet food to toilet paper, canned foods to cookware, olive oil to beer, automotive products to health and beauty aids. The common element: These are Costco's signature products that offer the perfect combination of quality and price to members.

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Kirkland Signature Reviews

Kirkland Signature Baby Diapers
I love these diapers for my kids and have used them for about 5 years now throughout all my kids. I didn't use them for the newborn stage because I found another brand to be better. But after no more blow outs these diapers are the best price, quality, and amount you can get.

Hazelnut spread Kirkland
Gotta love hazelnuts! The tease of a spread is great the price is another great deal at Costco. Can't go wrong with anything from Costco....... Love Kirkland brands

Kirkland Dog Food
When we brought our lab home last year from the vet they recommended using the puppy food which was great. Once we switched to Kirkland adult food our lab puked. We thought maybe she wasn’t getting enough so we upped it to 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at night. Still she...

kirkland toilet paper
This toliet paper is great. It’s a great price and you got a lot of rolls in each package. It works really great and never disappointed! Last a long time as well!

Kirkland All Natural Peanut Butter
Taste very naural peanut butter, rich, smooth taste. We use daily for peanut butter jelly sandwich. We wont buy other brand anymore. This is the best one we have tried so far.

Kirkland infant formula
My baby was breastfed and supplemented with formula until she was 4 months old after that point onward she has been exclusively formula fed. She started with Similac which gave her the worst digestive trouble and she hated the taste. We then switched to Enfamil and she loved it...

Kirkland baby diapers
By far the best diapers out there. Fits baby way better than the other brands. Has the strip to show if it is wet which is always an added bonus. Best bang for your buck as well

Kirkland signature  body wash
First of all I love that this product is cruelty free. It smells really amazing and it leaves your skin feeling amazing. It leathers on think and it’s very foamy.

Kirkland Signature 9 Grain Ciabatta Buns
Every trip to Costco we buy a pack of these buns, great deal, you get 18 for around $6. They make them fresh that day or day before and you have to go early on in the day or they are sold out. These buns are so darn good, and so very fresh. The outside is semi soft and crusty...

Kirkland Toilet Tissue
Kirkland brand toilet paper is the only brand our household uses. Great value for the package size. We found we were going through the other brands too quickly and Kirkland lasts forever! It's really soft and thick. A household staple!

Kirkland Signature Dark Colombian Ground Coffee
If you are a coffee lover, this brand is for you, the taste is strong and delicious. Its texture is rich and bold. It's not expensive and you can get it at Costco. For someone who drinks coffee every day, the presentation of 1.36 kg is perfect. Once open, if you keep it on the...

kirkland rotisserie chicken
I love my Costco rotisserie chicken! It’s affordable, it tastes good, tender and juicy, it makes an easy and healthy meal. I usually pair it with some mixed greens (also from Costco) and there you have it. The cage/bone I won’t waste it either. I use it to make stock or...

Kirkland gluten free pizza
The first time we bought this I thought it was a regular pizza. Crust is delicious, there is no shortage of cheese on it & the sauce is rich & flavourful.

Kirkland yogourt
Kurkland yogourt is so tasty,and creamy.Im very particular when it comes to yogourt and this brand really did it for me,I never thought I would switch from the one I always bought but I did and its been a very good decision. I love it.

Lingette Kirkland
Les lingettes pour bébés Kirkland sont parfaites! Épaisses et pas trop mouillées. Idéales a traîner partout ! Avant nous prenions Huggies chez Costco mais depuis qu’on les a essayé on ne jure que pour Kirkland....même mon chum s’en traîne dans sa voiture et a un...