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Kirkland Signature

The Kirkland Signature label today appears on about 20 percent of the products you find in your local warehouse - on everything from men's dress shirts to laundry detergent, pet food to toilet paper, canned foods to cookware, olive oil to beer, automotive products to health and beauty aids. The common element: These are Costco's signature products that offer the perfect combination of quality and price to members.

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Kirkland Signature Reviews

Kirkland Formule Multivitamines
have been using the senior formula for 8 yrs only because we do not always eat right

Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Baby Wipes
Have used a variety of wipes and these are always our go to. Great quality for the price. No smell, wet enough to clean effectively but doesn’t leave the skin soaking wet and prone to rashes. We use them for more then just cleaning bums!

Kirkland Disposable Diapers
I have used a variety of different diapers for my two children and this is by far our favourite. Great quality, best value and the fit seems to work equally as good for a boy or girl.

Kirkland Paper Towels
I was a regular Bounty user. Then my father brought some Kirkland paper towels over and I was impressed. They have great absorption and strength. Now, this is the brand I buy.

Kirkland Signature Trail Mix
I fell its good but the nuts are really hard to bite but they are good for asmr if u do that on yt other then that the M&M;are good and salty i would rate 5/5

Kirkland Red Grapefruit cups
I would definitely recommend these, my kids love them They are good snacks, my daughter is hooked she wants it all the time I use them for baking as well

Kirkland Prenatal Pills
I am currently taking these as I start to try for a baby. I like them because they are gentle on the stomach and a great price for the amount you get. I looked at other labels and this stood up against them all! My doctor even recommended these because prenatal supplements can...

Kirkland Cod Liver Oil
This product is supposed to be very good for people it is a natural source of Vitamins A and D, it helps maintain eyesight, skin, night vision and Immune System Functions. I've been taking these my whole life. I usually take these so I don't get a cold in the winter seasons. The...

Kirkland Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chips Granola Bars
These taste so good and they're a healthy alternative to chips! They don't leave an after taste like some other brands do either. I've tried a few and had to give them to my kids because they kept taking mine! The price is a lot cheaper than other brands too.

Kirkland Signature Imported Basil Pesto
Our family loves Kirkland Signature Import Basil Pesto! My picky two year old went through a phase where he would eat. And during a Costco trip, we tried a sample... and HE ATE IT! and demanded more! For awhile Pesto and noodles was a staple for dinner. The flavor is like...

Kirkland Sahale Snacks Pecan Cashew Nut Crisp
Kirkland Sahale Pecan-Cashew Nut Crisp Snack Mix is simply heavenly! Comes in a large re-sealable bag and is priced at about $10.99 (AB) a bag, which is a great value! Loaded with Pecans, Cashews, Dried Apple and Peaches - all coated in a cinnamon spice - one of the best I...

Kirkland ASA
Kirkland ASA

2 reviews

Great value. Excellent price. No different quality than a that of a brand name. Have been buying this product for years now. Love the double bottle package.

Kirkland Bathroom Tissue
For years this was my go to paper. Not anymore. What happened Costco? Who decided this was the way to go? Fire that person. Maybe good for the bottom line, but customer satisfaction on our bottom line went down. I will definitely be picking another brand from now on. Someone in...

Kirkland Signature Mixed Nuts
These are the best mix nuts I've purchased! I just love them!!! Perfect for an afternoon snack with old cheddar cheese and grapes. Everyone loves them!

Kirkland Pet Foods
If you read the label you will see chicken is the first ingredient..this dog food is way better that the 3x pricier food I used to buy..I believe this is quality kibble at a reasonable price so I recommend it to anyone buying dog food