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Lamaze Reviews

Lamaze cheery Chirpers Ostrich
This toy is absolutely adorable and my six month old daughter loves it. It's a bright colorful ostrich that makes chirping noises when she shakes it. It's the perfect size making it easy for her little hands to grasp. The feet of the ostrich make a crinkling noise when touched...

lamaze Sticks'N Stones Stroller
I Love my stroller; the seat turns into a bassinet, reclines at 3 levels, and can be rear or parent facing... all of the above done without moving the baby or taking out the seat....what! I have had this stroller over 3yrs now and two babies in, its still strong, still study...

Lamaze Play & Grow Octopus
My baby love his Lamaze Play & Grow Octopus. Each leg sings a different note when you squeeze it. Very nice colors and soft. A bit pricey but a great toy.

Lamaze Mortimer The Moose Plush Toy
My baby is 6-Months old now, but she has been playing with Mortimer for about 3-Months now. She LOVES him! He keeps her occupied when we are out in her stroller and she liked to hold him when we are in the car while she falls asleep. I’m so glad I purchased this toy! A great...

Lamaze Playmat Shiver the Sharpei
My son adored this toy on his Playmat, it was so cute and really grabbed his attention.

Lamaze Play & Grow - Captain Calamari
I love this little guy! His cute name is what caught my interest in the beginning, but he is very developmentally appropriate for an infant. He's made of vibrant colours, different textures, makes different sounds (crinkles & has a rattle), many different parts for baby to hold...

Lamaze Pond Motion Play Gym
My son loves this playmat (though he is starting to outgrow it). The different textures, sounds and bright colours would keep him occupied for more time than needed. He loved pulling on the bars as well and they are quite sturdy. Easy to clean! Very happy!

Lamaze Gift set
Lamaze toys are so nice, so joyful and full of bright colors. Perfect for babies that are discovering new things around them.

Lamaze play mat, makai the monkey
I bought this playmate in hopes of providing my twin boys a new toy to help with their development. When we recieved the mat we were surprised on how light in weight it was. On the one hand we thought this was great because of it accidently collapses then it won't hurt our...