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LeapFrog Reviews

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table
We bought this activity table for our son and we found it to be a complete waste of money. My son was completely uninterested in this activity table. He checked it out once, and never batted an eye at it again.

LeapFrog My Pal Scout
My 2 year old has had scout since birth and it has where you can program it to know child’s name so it’s more personable when scout is talking to your kid. You also have options to personalize scout to know your kids favorite color and food, etc. It’s a cute toy and plays...

Leap Frog My Pal Violet
This was gifted to my daughter for her first birthday and it was a perfect match for her! You can customize it to say their name and favorite things like color and food that they incorporate into songs. Violet is soft and colorful and has a switch to either lower the volume...

Leap frog squirrel
I get this squriell for my kid and he really loves it , he can learn colours and count numbers from it , so much fun highly recommended if you want your kid to learn and have fun

leap frog ice cream truck
Bought it for my daughter when she was 1 year old. She's now 2 1/2 years old and still loves playing with it. It's a great educational toy that teaches colours and numbers among other things. It is definitely a toy a child will not get bored of or outgrow quickly.

Leap frog learning friends
I love this for my child he is really learning in it. It is good to start them at a early age. He will be better prepared for school. It has a lot of basic info he needs before school to be a head of the game.

Leap Frog Learning Tablet
I thought my 4 and 5 year old were going to love this and I was going to love the educational aspects of it. Unfortunately they just haven’t been interested in using it much-we’ve had it since August.

LeapFrog Safari Learning Station
First of all, this is the cutest toy! Both of my sons love it! It’s got great contrast colors to draw babies attention. It also gets them interactive with the toy! Well worth it!

LeapFrog Stack & Tumble Elephant
This was received as a gift for my infant son. Big rings easy to grasp and place on the elephants trunk. Cute music with an option for 2 noise levels.

LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack
This toy is absolutely a must-have in the educational toy field. When I was a kid I had a bunch of paper books you fill in that taught you stuff and this is basically the electronic version of that. It teaches the alphabet, how to write it, animals and to a smaller degree...

LeapFrog AlphaPup
The string is not long enough to take puppy for a walk. Therefore, a 12 month old who is walking, is too tall to pull this toy along. You have to keep walking the dog for it to continue singing the alphabet. The dog has some very out of date sayings.

Leap frog epic
Leap frog epic

2 reviews

I purchased this for my toddler and it is amazing! Not only Is it easy for her to use, it is durable. As most toddlers do, she throws it and it hasn’t cracked or chipped. The games and apps are toddler friendly and are educational.

LeapFrog activity table
Out of the seven things are to do on top of the LeapFrog activity table, only three of them make any kind of noise. The options are very limited there's a music option or an ABC option. I'm glad it was given to me cuz I never would have bought it if I would have known

Leap Frog Reader
Leap Frog Reader

11 reviews

I absolutely love leap frog products they encourage learning through play so the kids really enjoy using the reader just as much as us parents. I am very happy to see his progress and will continue to buy more from them in the future.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate
While the Leap frog name is well known, this is one product I wish I wouldnt have spend my money on... it's apps work well and definitely stimulate the child however, every single app and video has to be PURCHASED. I truly wish I would have just bought a tablet and saved myself...