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Leclerc Reviews

Leclerc Celebration Milk Chocolate Cookies
These are simple yet delicious biscuits that make a great treat. We also find them really good to make Smores as you already have the biscuits and chocolate in one. Plus I can almost always find them on sale somewhere and they have limited edition flavours like the current...

Leclerc Celebration Caramel Filling Truffle Cookies
I love these cookies. The milk chocolate is so creamy and the caramel filling is delicious. The bottom layer is like a shortbread. I buy these on a regular basis and when I serve them to guests everyone loves them.

Leclerc Celebration Dark Chocolate 45% Cocoa Cookies
When o bring my son shopping with me this os the cookie of his choice. He even his them from his dad so he doesn't have to share they always have a great fresh taste. I give him a pack at Christmas in his stocking

Leclerc Celebration Wafer Cookies - Café au Lait
These wafer cookies are delicious and perfect to have with some hot tea or coffee. The cookie is not too thin and it's quite dense but I find that to be a good thing because theres more cookie to enjoy that way. Great flavor though I do find it to be a little oily tasting.

Celebration Raspberry Truffle Cookies
My whole family loves these cookies! A cookie covered with raspberry filling and then covered with chocolate. They are definitely a favourite in our house!

Leclerc Maple Cookies
How can you dislike something so delicious and packed when it's only $2.00!? You can get a whole pack of these cookies for such a low price- bring on the cavities! These cookies are amazing- the perfect combination of sweet and salty and crunchy and moist. I purposely pass them...

LEclerc Celebration Finger Cookies coated with Real Milk Chocolate
This is one of the brands of cookies you will always find in my family's pantry. These Leclerc finger cookies are crispy and coated with real milk chocolate. They are the perfect size for dipping into a cup of coffee, or tea. I like that you only need to eat three or four in...

Leclerc The Incredible Cookie Choco in Peanut
These cookies are amazing ! Moist, chewy and taste awesome I was so impressed with these cookies. I will definitely be buying them again. I found them super cheap on sale and was not disappointed at all.

Leclerc Go Pure Cashew & Coconut Bar
Probably the most delicious 'all natural' health bar I've ever had. Also tried the Pumpkin seed and maple as well, equally great. Definitely recommending this brand/product to anyone who is tired of being disappointed by health products that have zero taste.

Leclerc Go pure  chocolate & quinoa cookies
I really enjoyed this product. A light snack, perfect for grabbing on the go & super tasty. My 3 year old even likes them & bonus that they are peanut free so she's able to take them to school. They are pretty reasonable in price, we grabbed a 24 pouches for around $15.

Leclerc ChocoMax Mochaccino Bar
This bars are delisous. They have 10 grams of protein taste like a coffee crisp bar. If your looking for a tasty treat, this is it. All I can say is wow.

Leclerc Quatro fudge cookies
These are my favourite cookies. I found them at a local grocery store for a $1.49 sale and thought they would be worth trying. They definitely were and I have bought them several times since

Leclerc ChocoMax Caramel
J'aime vraiment beaucoup le goût de ces barres tendres, le goût de caramel et chocolat dans une croquée est simplement wow, je recommande fortement =)

Leclerc Praeventia Dark Chocolate Chip with Red Wine Extract Cookies
These dark chocolate cookies are a great treat to satisfy the sweet tooth and I like that there is only 7 grams of sugar in each package.It is made with 70 percent cocoa and red wine extract which is a healthier version of other cookies out there. We always buy the big box at...

Leclerc Celebration Milk Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
Everyone in the home loves these. Soft and crunchy a t the same time. Great flavour. Not fake chocolate - and perfect size! Use them at all times! The taste is just wonderful