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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@crazyhonesty Thanks for reaching out. We're working hard to keep store shelves stocked. Just to clarify, are you t… https://t.co/WIcvwi6Lx3

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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@andrea_arana_1 Hi Andrea, we'll pass your feedback on to the product team, thank you 💛

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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@Josh_Summitt Hi Josh, sorry about that! Please let us make this right. Reach out to us at the following link and w… https://t.co/177jIi7RAA

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Lipton Reviews

Lipton Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea
I bought this tea for my husband who was having a bit of a sore throat and coming down with a cold. He loved it. He has not stopped drinking it even after all the signs and symptoms of a cold has gone. Yes, this tea will be part of my beverage supply

Lipton Green Tea Matcha Ginger
I love this tea. Matcha and ginger both have a lot of health benefits, it's nice to see them together. Great taste, good value. Not to mention metabolism booster!

Lipton Enlighten Smooth Green Tea K-Cup Packs
This is a quicker more efficient way of making tea that is new to me. It brews in under a minute with the Keurig Maker, and is ready to go. I am a bit of a tea snob since discovering David’s Teas, thus the flavour and dry aftertaste of this Green Tea isn’t as flavourful as...

Lipton Green Tea Mandarin Orange Pyramid Tea Bags
Je suis une grande buveuse de thé et j'aime particulièrement ce mélange de thé vert et orange. Le gout des deux ensemble est simplement divin. A racheter en grande quantitée

Lipton Camomile Herbal Tea
This tea is delicious. The quality of the tea is excellent. You can actually taste the chamomile, unlike some other brands were the flavour is very weak. It is very relaxing and I have it at bedtime. The aroma is very fragrant and the whole experience of having the tea is...

Lipton Chai Tea Cinnamon and Spices Pyramid Tea Bags
i like the chai tea cinnamon and spices combination, very unique and tasty. i usually have tea in the morning, with my breakfast. a refreshing start for me

Lipton Indulge Rich Black Tea K-Cup Packs
I typically enjoy any tea and I am not picky, but this tea was atrocious. I don't know if Lipton's quality has gone down over the last few years but I didn't even finish my cup and gave the rest of the package to my mother. Such a horrendously bitter and tasteless taste to this...

Lipton® White Tea Blueberry and Pomegranate Pyramid Tea Bags
I never tried any fruit flavour teas before but was at a friends house and was offered to taste this new fruit tea. The flavour was amazing! I didn't mix any sugar or milk, just straight up and I loved it. Purchased myself some my next shopping trip - it was on sale too!

Lipton Green Tea Mint Pyramid Tea Bags
Wow! Can't say enough about this tea! I love the taste! Super minty but light! Good for an upset tummy or Cold! I drink it just because ;) I love the pyramid packaging and love that u don't have to steep it for more the 2 mins to get a great punch of mint and green tea flavour!

Lipton Herbal Tea Lemon Ginger Pyramid Tea Bags
I really like this tea and similar. It has cute packaging, you can see the qaulity. Once one of the bags broke by no biggy. I wish it showed the caffeine content however because I am super sensitive.

Lipton Black Tea English Breakfast Pyramid Tea Bags
I will not be buying this product again. i found that the store brand taste just as good and is alot cheaper. The pyramid bag works just the same as the usual shaped ones.

Lipton Herbal Tea Peppermint Pyramid Tea Bags
the peppermint is so refreshing, love to drink it in the morning. herbal tea is healthier than the regular tea. i drink it in the morning to give me a fresh start

Lipton White Tea Peach and Mango Pyramid Tea Bags
Most fruit flavor teas just give a hint of flavor, this tea gives you a good punch of it. I love making an ice tea with this and for a special summer treat cut half of this iced tea with half a batch of lemonade.

Lipton Onion Soup Mix
I love it's product! It is so full of flavor and is soo versitile. I've used it as french onion soup yo chip dips to gravy seasoning! It a must have in everyone's kitchen cabinet!

Lipton cup a soup chicken noodle
Of course check with your doctor first...for me I have found this soup a lifesaver as a healthy meal replacement since having heart surgery. I cut up broccoli and some extra vegetables with sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Works as a great meal replacement and healthy before...