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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@crazyhonesty Thanks for reaching out. We're working hard to keep store shelves stocked. Just to clarify, are you t… https://t.co/WIcvwi6Lx3

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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@andrea_arana_1 Hi Andrea, we'll pass your feedback on to the product team, thank you 💛

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Lipton  Lipton Tea

@Josh_Summitt Hi Josh, sorry about that! Please let us make this right. Reach out to us at the following link and w… https://t.co/177jIi7RAA

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Lipton Reviews

Lipton Peach Mango Herbal Tea
I have always loved everything about peach. Been drinking lipton black tea ever since I remember. Then my friend served me this peach tea once at her place. Ever since I'm in love. I keep sniffing my tea until I'm done with it lol. I like to have it before bed and it helps me...

Lipton Onion Soup Mix
I love it's product! It is so full of flavor and is soo versitile. I've used it as french onion soup yo chip dips to gravy seasoning! It a must have in everyone's kitchen cabinet!

Lipton Iced Tea Southern Sweet Tea
I used to use the regular Lipton tea bags..I'm a big tea drinker. But then the Lipton Southern Sweet Tea bags came out. If you like sweet tea then you'll love these! Depending how sweet you like it some people I know don't add sugar. Then people like me do. I like mine super...

Lipton sidekicks butter and herb
I would buy this sidekick over and over and over again for me and my kids. Simple fact is that they are quite picky eaters and for me to make a side dish in 11 minutes approximately with oat milk is a great treat. Most dishes take milk and unfortunately sometimes you just don't...

Lipton Soup Secrets Extra Noodle with Real Chicken Broth Soup - 2 CT
This soup works almost like a miracle when im sick. It does the trick everytime. I always feel better quickly after eating it. Its my reconfort soup when im sad, winter or falls days. And taste always like when i was a kid.

Lipton Cup a soup cream of chicken
Love love cup of soup this one is my favorite,taste great not to salty and goes nice and creamy when you add hot water ,I found this filled me when I made for lunch I add this to my mrnoodles as well I dotn use the noodle stock I just add this for a stock and oh I love it ,I...

Lipton Green Tea Purple Acai Blueberry
Lipton Green tea, blueberry flavor is the best. I drink it hot or cold alone, or even add it to the flavored water that I keep on hand. Sure wish I could find the blueberry in ALL the stores that sell Lipton Green Tea!

Lipton Orange Pekoe Tea
I love this tea i drink this daily and its my only preference. i like to add milk and sugar and it has helped me avoid drinking so much coffee. it is really relaxing and great to drink at any time.

Lipton Raspberry Tea
Raspberry is great tasting and good for you. It's the perfect drink for your active, healthy lifestyle, with the light, clean taste of its tea and a touch of Raspberry

Lipton Pineapple Chamomile Herbal Tea
Love this tea! Would buy again and recommend! Always have some on hand for company and many guests love it as well! Can’t beat a good cup of tea on a bitterly cold Canadian day!

Lipton Diet Lemon Iced Tea
I love Lipton Ice Tea. For being a diet drink, it taste really light and still has a sweet taste to it! Plus less sugar and calories:) The price is good and can be purchased at all grocery stores. Add a zest of lemon with some ice, and it makes a nice refreshing drink for the...

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
Lipton chicken noodle soup has been eaten in my family forever. My grandma gave it to my mom and my mom gave it to me and my sisters growing up whenever we needed a hot soup. Staying home sick from school? Lipton chicken noodle Looking for something easy to make? Lipton...

Lipton Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated Tea Bags
I've definitely tasted better green tea. It's a bit bitter, maybe due to the fact that its decaf (i dont know), but the taste is just blah. Good if you want a hot drink, but dont expect a wow factor. With that being said...i drink it everyday.

Lipton Summer Fruits Herbal Tea
This tea is one of the most flavourful teas I’ve ever had it has a natural sweetness from the fruit. Great for iced tea and minimal sugar required. It’s a hit with all 4 kids and a healthier option than the sweetened crystals.

Lipton Pure Green Tea Bags
I use these as a base for my sun tea. -For those who dont know what sun tea is, it's much better than machine brewed for iced tea. You take a glass jar, put in a handful of tea bags, and set it in the sun. An hour or two later bring it in and put it in the fridge.- Anyway, I...