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The Lysol brand was founded in 1889 and includes products for household cleaning and personal hygiene.

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Lysol Reviews

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Citrus
We use Lysol wipes throughout our whole house. They’re really great for bathrooms and the kitchen. Leaves spaces feeling fresh, clean, and germ free! I especially love the lemon scented ones.

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Action Gel
Je ne me prive pas de ce produit dont l,efficacité n'est plus à démontrer Rend toutes les parties des bols de toilette accessibles et assure une meilleur nettoyage en raison de l'adhérence du produit aux surfaces. Fraicheur et propreté assurées.

Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System
I find that the refills are really pricey. I do like the no touch feature as I hate touching the soap pump if I've handled chicken.I love the convenience of the automatic dispenser! The scents are nice too.

Lysol Advanced Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Awesome product, works wonders no scrubbing needed. Will purchase again and again for my family bathroom. Great scent and smell too! Love love love it!

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner
My go to cleaning product, I buy it all the time. Works well everywhere. It gets the dirt, grease, and germs all at once. Very useful cleaning product. Buy it now!

Lysol Disinfectant Spray
I use this product everywhere! I use it in my car, at home and at the office. I spray it everywhere to kill all the germs - especially since flue season is coming!

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Breeze
My Mom used this cleaner while I was growing up and I remember always adoring the scent so when I started cleaning on my own, I purchased this cleaner and it just makes everything smell fresh and clean and it gets the job done for a cheap price. I always have this in my home.

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Complete Clean
I buy this in bulk at Costco and leave one in each bathroom! It is the best toilet cleaner. Love the smell, toilet is nice a shiny after! Definite must have for every household

Lysol Wipes in Clean Linen Scent
Lysol wipes are my must-have cleaning supply. They are perfect for quick cleaning jobs and durable for jobs that require a bit of scrubbing. The new clean linen scent leaves the bathroom with a fresh and not over powering smell. You need these!

Lysol Wipes in Spring Waterfall Scent
Lysol is what I make sure to have always with my . In my house in my car even in my office. I am a germafobic and first thing i do is to have always wipes with me . Especially in my office. It make me feel safe , protected and is sent free.

Lysol disinfecting wipes lemon & lime blossom scent
I always trust Lysol products around flu season and keep a container in each of my bathrooms and under the kitchen sink to quickly clean busy areas. Love the new scent!

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner - Green Apple
This is my favourite bathroom cleaner. The scent is fresh not potent, and I can be sure it kills cold and flu viruses. I like the spray for dee clean and keep the wipes handy for quick freshen ups.

Lysol all purpose cleaner lemon
I love using Lysol products because they get the job done! The liquid doesn't leave a residue behind and smells great! It really sanitizes very well and is great for the bathroom and kitchen.

Lysol Wipes Lavender
I love this product as an everyday option! I can always keep my place neat thanks to these. I keep buying them over and over again! That's how great they are...

Lysol advanced Disinfecting Wipes
Having a toddler in daycare, these wipes come in handy to disinfect surfaces, toys, high chair etc. Without it I feel like nothing gets cleaned properly