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The Lysol brand was founded in 1889 and includes products for household cleaning and personal hygiene.

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Lysol Reviews

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Citrus
This product does exactly what it’s supposed to do! Cleans and freshens without any hassle.i use them in the kitchen, bathroom, wherever there is a mess.

Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System
I bought this product a while ago. It's great in theory but in actuality it is quite costly and messy. If anything passes by the sensor it releases soap. The refills are expensive and it's top heavy.

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Action Gel
This toilet cleaner is the best I have ever tried. It always leaves the bowl looking clean and smelling alot better. For me a little of this goes a long way versus some other brands I have tried, so that makes it last a little longer. However, if it leaks the chemical can/may...

Lysol Advanced Toilet Bowl Cleaner
I absolutely love this toilet bowl cleaner It smells great. It work fantastically especially with house full boys. It gets my toilet bowl super clean and smelling fresh. It's ou cleaner i use !

Lysol Disinfectant Spray
Works wonders. Only cleaner spray brand I use. The lemon scent is nice not over powering. Feel safe spraying this on a surfaces without worrying that it will harm

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner
My favourite go to with kids especially when they get sick. A quick wipe or wash Down does the trick. I would highly recommend it. Its been a life saver for me

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Complete Clean
This is a go to toilet bowl cleaner. It smells good and gets everything nice and clean. This always seems to be on sale, so that’s a bonus. I like the fact that it is super thick so it really clings to the bowl, I put it in and then walk away for about 10 minutes.

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Breeze
I love the scent of this all purpose cleaner. I use it on my glass dining table and it does a great job in cleaning it and also disinfecting it. Definitely recommend it if you have a smelly table to clean.

Lysol Wipes in Spring Waterfall Scent
I love having these around to clean up any germy spills. My cat likes to walk on the counter so it is nice to know I can disinfect the surface and get rid of germs.

Lysol Wipes in Clean Linen Scent
I use lysol wipes all the time. I've used them all and they all work great.. But this is one of my favs. My brother also picks this one as his go to. The smell is great, light and fresh. I typically use them to clean up quick spills, marks on the walls, kitchen clean up, in my...

Lysol Dual Action Disinfecting Wipes
After trying these Lysol Dual Action Wipes I will never go back to regular wipes. The scrubby side is great for gritty counters. I hated having to scrub with regular wipes and still not getting them clean enough. Now I just have to go over with my Dual Action wipes and they...

Lysol Wipes Lavender
Living in a house with all boys. I go through these wipes like water. The are great for cleaning disinfecting toys tables and counter tops. They smell great and dry quickly.

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner - Green Apple
Omgoodness I'm a clean freak and when I found this stuff I stuck with it the smell of apples is so sweet smelling and will have your whole place smelling clean not to mention it kills 99.9% of germs

Lysol all purpose cleaner lemon
Love my Lysol all purpose cleaner smells like fresh cut lemons.It cleans bathrooms, kitchens,small spills andis great for outdoor toys and patiro furniture mdidnt leave any residue and rinsed away dirt and germs .I really love in my bathroom tiles they sparkle and look brand new...

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner clean and fresh
I swear by this stuff to clean my toilet! Its better smelling than most others I've used too! I don't have rust but I have two tween girls thay destroy my bathroom LOL!! This saves my bathroom every time!