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The Lysol brand was founded in 1889 and includes products for household cleaning and personal hygiene.

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Lysol Reviews

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Citrus
These wipes are handy for everywhere in the house and in the car. We use them to clean up all kinds of spills. Husbands packs them in a small baggie to take to work as well.

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Action Gel
This is an amazing product if you want your toilet and around the rim of toilet clean this product will clean your toilet so well you will be amazed I definitely recommend this product.

Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System
I bought this to help with the not touch in mind. The kids were encourage to wash their hands more frequently, because of the automatic despenser. Awesome product!

Lysol Advanced Toilet Bowl Cleaner
I've been using this cleaner for as long as I can remember and it's just the best. The product spreads evenly and consistently when applied to the bowl, and it always leaves a perfectly clean area afterwards. It will continue to be a staple product in our home!

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner
Even prior to Covid, this was a staple in my cleaning supplies. It’s also great at removing stains off my light grey stone counter tops. It smells super clean, leave a nice clean finish with no residue

Lysol advanced Disinfecting Wipes
I’ve always like Lysol wipes, Put it in the middle of a pandemic with coronavirus these of been a total lifesaver for me as D’s are my go to wipes NI take them everywhere

Lysol Disinfectant Spray
This spray is the best, kills so many germs that are brewing in your home! And has a nice fresh clean scent, I feel like I can breathe again when I clean with this product. I use it everywhere around the house to disinfect and protect.

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Breeze
This is one of my all time favorite products. Since COVID it has been especially hard to find so when I do find it I hoard it. The smell is ok but I don’t mind that, the most important thing for me is it’s ability to kill germs. This gets used a lot once cold/flu season...

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Complete Clean
this cleaner works great. put it in the bowl leave it for 10 mins and boom you're done. it also smells nice which is a plus. would recommend if you have a bathroom

Lysol Wipes in Spring Waterfall Scent
Love these disinfecting wipes. Spring waterfall is my favorite scent! They haven't been easy to find since all this covid started. I use them for quick clean and freshen up especially in the bathroom, and for my doorknobs and rails in my home.

Lysol Wipes in Clean Linen Scent
this is an amazing product. It has a wonderful scent and cleans areas thoroughly. I will definitely be purchasing this product again. I would highly recommend that anyone try this product. Great value and not overly expensive

Lysol disinfecting wipes lemon & lime blossom scent
These have been a staple in our home over the years, but more so the past few months. I have a container in almost every room of the house as well as the garage and in all the vehicles. They work great to clean up quick messes, wipe off kitchen & bathroom counters and use as...

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner - Green Apple
I always buy Lysol to disinfect and clean the house but recently tried this green apple scent. Smells fantastic, really freshens up the whole room. Love it!

Lysol all purpose cleaner lemon
I enjoy the scent of this, doesn't feel too strong in the home and it does give a fresh clean scent. The size is prefect and with a cloth makes cleaning an easy swipe to get thru!

Lysol Wipes Lavender
Discovered these Chlorox Lavender scented wipes last year in Florida, and bought the largest multi-pack I could find to bring back to Canada. With the pandemic in full-swing, I am now down to my last container, and am sparing those along as best I can. I am hoping to find this...