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Discover the rich and smooth flavours of McCafé®. We’ll help you start your morning right with that first perfect sip and brighten your whole day with an assortment of delicious hot and cold beverages – including our smooth, creamy and cool Iced Frappés® and made-for-you Smoothies®. See more here.

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McCafe  McCafé

@Deepshikhasaraf Thanks for the awesome caffeinated shout-out, Saraf! We hope to see you again soon! ☕ 😋

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McCafe  McCafé

@nenaelizabeth12 We love hearing that, Nena! See you soon! 😍

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McCafe  McCafé

@lexiicoleman777 We love hearing that, Lex! You obviously have great taste! 😀

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McCafé Reviews

McDonald's McCafe Fine Grind Coffee
Bought this when I was desperate for a caffeine fix. It's far too strong and has a bitter taste that stays in your mouth long after drinking it. Ended up putting it on the bin even after adding copious amounts of sugar.

McDonald's Iced Coffee
For me this is a bit too strong but the taste is good it’s refreshing but if you like stronger coffee this is for you. Overall though this was quite nice.

McCafe Coffee
McCafe Coffee

115 reviews

I really enjoy this coffee a lot its like a relaxing coffee , and very enjoyable , I enjoy a cup of this coffee while am sitting in the kitchen in the morning listenin to the birds ,Nice taste very yummy!

McDonald's Vanilla Chai Tea Frappe
This is my go to summer drink! It’s got the classic vanilla flavour, with a punch of chai! It’s so delicious, so be careful. They pack in the calories, but every once in awhile they’re an amazing, cool, refreshing treat!

McDonald's Caramel Coffee Iced Frappe
I'm very picky about my frappes, but when it comes to McDonald's they do it right. Starbucks frappes end up being just ice by the end. However, McDonald's is amazing and tasty all the way through.

McDonald's Fruit and Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
I was skeptical the first time I ordered this but was shocked at how great it tasted and the freshness of the ingredients. The fruit and oatmeal combo reminds me of Autumn and I recommend this to anyone that doesn't normally care for regular Mcdonald's food.

McDonald's Blueberry Muffin
When I eat it it makes my day feel better but some people thinks that McDonald's food is fake but I also like McDonald's fries they are the bomb. My 3rd favorite is the chicken mcgidle.

McDonald's Double Chocolate Muffin
This muffin is so good it's one of my all-time favorite ones from McDonalds. Double chocolate is so good there is lots of chocolate chips in it it's definitely something you should not eat everyday

McDonald's Pumpkin Spice Latte
Love, love, love! I am normally more of a plain coffee drinker but when McDonald's comes out with their Pumpkin Spice Latte I get nothing but that! Unfortunately it is almost at the end this year but until then I am in heaven! Worth the splurge!!!

McFlurry with Rolo
I love McDonald's Rolo mcflurry!!! One of the best desserts McDonald's has to offer. Its has a great taste and a great price. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a sweat treat!!!