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No Name (Loblaws/Superstore)

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No Name (Loblaws/Superstore) Reviews

No Name All-Purpose Flour
This flour is great for baking or an other needs are. This is the only flour I buy to do my baking. I would recommend this flour to any one that ask me about it I love the price0

No Name Salted Butter
It’s butter, it’s delicious and it’s a great value! Occasionally I’ll be able to purchase for $2.99 a brick and I’ll stock the freezer. Because I buy these at shoppers or superstore I’ll also get valuable pc points!

No name apple drink
This apple juice is probably the most drank juice in our house, hard to keep it in the fridge. Haven’t compared nutritional facts with leading brands, but it tastes amazing, my kids love it and I love the price

No Name Disinfectant Wipes
I buy these over Lysol brand as they are generally cheaper and do the job! The scent is pleasing, the cleaning power is just as good as the competition and there’s plenty of liquid so they don’t dry out.

No Name 100% Cocoa
Use this frequently in my baking as well as hit chocolates and other desserts. I find it on par with other more expensive brands, but at a better price so is a no brainer that I've made this my primary choice. Would recommend!

no name calorie free sweetener
This sweetner was above my expectations. It was the lowest price, a big box with 200 packages and no aftertaste. Only one or two packages are more than enough to sweet my juice or coffee.

no name artichoke hearts
Artichoke hearts are a great idea to bring as part of lunch. These are very good for you and have a lot of flavor. The No Name artichoke hearts taste as good as the brand names for a cheaper price. You get a good amount of artichoke hearts in each jar. The artichoke hearts...

No Name Light Smooth Peanut Butter
I originally purchased this because I read good reviews about it on here and also found it to be cheaper than some other brands. I'm usually a fan of crunchy peanut butter but decided to give this a try as the reviews made me not be able to resist. It cost me $4 for a 1kg...

No name mini cones
THESE are the cutest little comes for icecream or cake cones ,there really cheap and Grandbaby loves them I make icecream cones or I bake a little bit of cake in them and decorate lovie them so much

No name sweetened coconut flakes
Sweetened coconut so good ,great used on cakes and I use to make cookies ,nice and soft and fresh tasting and not to sweet ,2.99 a bag I love this coconut

no name beef broth
For the price, I think it is an exceptional product. I use it in soups, stews, and in the slow cooker when I am cooking a roast. It is often on sale at No Frills for a dollar.

No Name Light Marble Cheddar
This is a good cheese if you are looking for something with less fat. It claims that it has 40% less fat than the regular marble cheese version. It's great to have as a snack or graded of salads, pizza, or pasta.

No Name Coffee Pods, Medium Roast
For a box of 100 of these Keurig compatible cups is around $30 when they aren't on sale. It tastes really good, probably one of my favourites and it also uses less plastic than a lot of the other brands because they have filter ends and aren't encapsulated but pre-packaged.

No name vanilla bars
There is a thin chocolate coating on the exterior, and the inside is a vanilla ice cream. The vanilla ice cream tastes cheaper than the more expensive brands because it is less creamy and the flavor is more mild. The chocolate outside coating is smooth and has a good flavor...

No Name California-Style Mixed Vegetables
I gave these 3 chances. The bag is 90% carrots and the broccoli and cauliflower pieces are basically just stem pieces! Very disappointing and my kids won’t eat them!