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Our Finest (Walmart brand)


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Our Finest (Walmart brand) Reviews

Our Finest Peppermint Tea
So yummy, Im addicted! I love tea - i drink at least 2 cups of peppermint tea a day. I was drinking the davids tea organic peppermint, but it go so expensive. This tea is convenient to buy (Walmart), Inexpensive (like $2.50) and has so much taste!

Our finest cheese puffs pastry
Oh these are all good ya bake them in oven nice little appetizers . I really love he mushroom and cheese ones there my favorite ,comes in a variety pack of 40 cremini mushroom ,spinach and cheese ,red pepper and cheese and cheese and smoked ham ,THEY bake up nice​ and fluffy...

Our Finest Southern Style Chicken Fingers
This product is well worth the money. I believe a 907g box costs $10 and there are approximately fifteen large chicken fillets in the box. I found the coating on the strips tasted very similar to Pinty's, but for five to six dollars less a box, they are a perfect choice if you...

Our Finest Cheddar Cheese and Applewood Smoked Bacon Beef Burgers
These burgers sell for ten dollars for a box of six. They are stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon so they are very flavorable. You won't need much to add on the top of the burger patty, except maybe some condiments.

Our Finest Dark Roast KCup Coffee
The first time I bought this coffee it was because of budget. At nearly three dollars less than the competition it was a steal. Having tried other products in the "our finest" (Walmart) line I was confident that I would be satisfied until I could get to Costco to purchase the...

Our Finest Canadian Blend coffee K-cup
Our finest Canadian coffee has a very smooth taste and is not a very strong tasting coffee. Very enjoyable and I would recommend it over other popular coffees.

Our Finest Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea
I got this at Walmart and used some in mini gift-packs for Christmas, and my mom and I kept the rest for our office. The tea was surprisingly delicious! Im not a fan of tea but this had a clear lemon flavor, with a hint of lemon. The taste reminds me of lemon throat drops. For...

Our Finest Garlic & Butter Flavoured Croutons
I'm the kind of person that didn't think croutons were necessary in a salad because most of them are so hard you can barley even pick them up with your fork! Not these bad boys though, there super light and airy and can maintain there crunch after being in your salad for awhile...

Our Finest Low Fat Coconut Greek Yogurt
WOW!! When I ate the first spoonful, I could not believe how much this yogurt tastes like an almond joy! I love that combination of flavors. I actually started to feel guilty eating eat...lol. While it is much higher in calories than the yogurt I usually eat, it was definitely...

Greek yogurt and strawberry chewy protein bar our finest
These don't even taste like protein...... They are so delicious!!! Perfect breakfast for me. Light and easy for busy mornings. They are cheap and yummy

Our finest Milk chocolate and almond fibre bars
I bought these bars from Wal Mart as I was looking to increase my fibre intake. These provide a great amount of fibre for a cheap price. The chocolate base is a decadent milk chocolate. This chocolate is one of my favourites, as I can really taste the milky flavour. The top of...

Our finest peanut butter burst cookies
These cookies are a very reasonable price compared to the more well-known brands. The cookies are crunchy with a good bite to them. The peanut butter chips are soft and creamy as you bite into them. The peanut flavor is prominent. These are tasty and great for any peanut...

Our Finest Carrot Cake soft baked cookie
These cookies taste just like carrot cake. They have raisins, cream cheese flavoured chips and grated carrot in them. Yum! These cookies are soft and delicious! I just can't stop at one!

Our finest bacon wrapped cheddar smokie bites
Our purchased these at Walmart for $10.00 and we tried them for the first time yesterday. I like when things that are wrapped in bacon come with a toothpick in them making them way easier to cook. These cooked fairly quickly and evenly. The bacon ended up being crispy and the...

Our Finest Candy Cane Ice Cream
I love limited edition seasonal stuff! This ice cream is amazing. I wait for this every Christmas. I'm not a huge mint fan, this is the perfect balance of not too crazy mint. The ice cream is creamy and smooth, I would recommend this to all.