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PENATEN® has been helping soothe sore baby bums from the irritation and pain of diaper rash since 1904 – that's over 100 years of relief.

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Penaten Reviews

PENATEN Medicated Cream
This diaper cream is great for a simple red bottom. The cream is very thick so it doesn’t rub off. However that’s also a downfall when it comes to cleaning.

PENATEN Original Medicated Cream for Babies
My daughter is very prone to diaper rash this cream has 18% zinc oxide and helps control the rash, it is thick and works! It also is good for minor skin irritations. I got it at a great price buying at Costco!

PENATEN Daily Clear Protection Cream
I love this product. Used it on both my kids. It’s lasts a while. We take it everywhere with us. I love that it’s scent free and it works well. I have never had issues with it and my kids don’t get diaper rashes

Penaten Creme Cream - 50ml
We bought this when we had our son to use as a diaper cream,however we find that we are now using it for multiple skin irritations. It is a thick cream so you do not to use alot and it lasts for ever!

Penaten Baby Cream Face Body - 100ml
the penaten baby cream face and body makes it feel like you have just rubbed oil all around the baby's body. i really dont recommend it since it cost's as much as other good quality baby face and body creams

Penaten Penaten Baby Milk 400 ml milk
Our little one has dry skin issues so we test run a lot of products trying to find a solution without drawbacks. We decided to make a go of this milk. We noticed the scent lingers but there was no difference in regards to the dryness. After one week of using this product (6...