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For nearly 150 years Pillsbury has been a brand that families have trusted. With products ranging from biscuits and cookies to pie crusts, Pillsbury makes being at home a little more special. For more information visit pillsbury.com

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@abhibhaduri93 @UMNews That's wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing with us. :)

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@Gingerchai1 Hi Kashv - Great idea! We will let our team know about your wishes. Good that you let us know! 😃

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@LilRaeCakes Yum that looks amazing! 😃

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Pillsbury Reviews

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
I love these crusty rolls. From popping the can and baking to eating the delicious roll - the process is fun. I like to put some chocolate in the middle.

Pillsbury Pepperoni Pizza Pops
I like to have these im my freezer for when im on a pinch. It helps me avoid going out to eat when i dont have time to cook and the occasional midnight snack. I dont eat the crust and i wish all the cheese wouldnt pop out in the microwave.

Pillsbury blueberry sweet biscuits
These are delicious. They taste so much better than the chocolate ones. They taste like muffins with the texture of a biscuit. My brother said they tasted like poptarts. Either way they’re amazing and a hit! I would buy them again!

Pillsbury place n bake brownies
The pack could be bigger but perfect size for my family of 3. Tastes great. Size is good. Just the right amount of peanut butter to chocolate. Quick and easy to make.

Pillsbury Christmas Sugar cookie
I mean who doesn’t like the Pillsbury cookies right? I have them at every holiday and never get tired of them! Easy to find easy and quick to make! Super affordable too!

Pillsbury mini chocolate chip cookies
They are really good. Actually soft not how some cookies say they are and turns out they false advertised. They package is creative and cute. Real nice small cookie with big taste.

Pillsbury Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix
My son loves brownies. He asks for them regularly. I normally make them with high quality chocolate and take my time to ensure that they're perfect. While I'm sure my son appreciates my efforts, spending a small fortune on Valrhona or Callebaut chocolate seemed like a bit of a...

Pillsbury Pizza Pops Bacon Mac & Cheese
Definitely different than a regular PIZZA pop, but the macaroni and bacon filling is really tasty. If you're craving something different this is a good choice.

Pillsbury sweet hawaiin crescents
I absolutely love the sweet taste of the crescent rolls. It's very flaky and if you add butter it's very delicious. But you have to be very careful not to over cook it or it gets hard.

Pillsbury Pizza Pops Deluxe
Pizza Pops; or Pockets is what i grew up with the name being; it is a flakey, smooth, good tasting pastry that is loaded full with lots of goodness; this specific pizza pop is stuffed with Pepperoni, Green Pepper, and Mushroom and of course Mozerella cheese that melts nicely...

Pillsbury ready to bake bunny cookies
I love pillsbury ready to bake bunny cookies especially because they make easter so much more special. they melt in your mouth and are so easy to bake in the oven.

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Raspberry
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Raspberry flavoured are a great quick go to when you are in a hurry and need breakfast as fast as making toast. I would think these are more for kids but I can see many adults eating these or sharing them with their kids. It's also nice to have them...

Pillsbury cinnabon cookies
I recently made these fora children’s party but the adults were the one’s gobbling then up. I found them a little sweet but everyone loved them. Tip: cookies bake large, I cut them in half and rolled into small balls... better size snack.

Pillsbury Chocolatey Chunk cookies
These are not for those on a diet!! They are delish and addictive. Perfect snack for the quarantine woes. Baked a few minutes less than recommended on the packaged for a soft interior. Goes perfectly with vanilla ice cream or a cold glass of milk. Yum!

Pillsbury scones
Who doesn't like ready to bake goods that require minimal effort and tastes good? Well if that's your jam, don't buy this product. If you have never tasted a scone made from scratch then most likely, you won't mind it one bit. If you have your disappointment will be swift. The...