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For nearly 150 years Pillsbury has been a brand that families have trusted. With products ranging from biscuits and cookies to pie crusts, Pillsbury makes being at home a little more special. For more information visit pillsbury.com

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Pillsbury  Pillsbury

@samarshall98 We love hearing from our fans! ❤️

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Pillsbury  Pillsbury

@lexakimberley Not a fluke! The Crispy Crust Pillsbury Pizzas are still available in Canada. 🙂 Only the 'Mini Pizzas' were discontinued.

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Pillsbury  Pillsbury

@jlw_writes Hi Jessica! Thanks for the suggestion to bring back the Caramel rolls. We miss them too! We'll share al… https://t.co/jj6fSny3Mr

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Pillsbury Reviews

Pillsbury Blazin' Beef Nacho Pizza Pops
yikes nope not for me!!! i do not like these pizza pops. the taste is .... how do i describe it.... nasty manufactured taste. the after taste was worse ... it tasted bad like it was over expired but it wasnt ... no way ... not for me