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For nearly 150 years Pillsbury has been a brand that families have trusted. With products ranging from biscuits and cookies to pie crusts, Pillsbury makes being at home a little more special. For more information visit pillsbury.com

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Pillsbury  Pillsbury

@EmmyLee0402 We hope everyone enjoyed their festive cookies Emmy!

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Pillsbury  Pillsbury

@steph7273 Looks amazing, Stephanie!

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Pillsbury  Pillsbury

@SallotIV Thanks for that rating! We have to say, our Cinnamon Roll Fillows is yummy!

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Pillsbury Reviews

Pillsbury Gluten Free Pie and Pastry Dough
Great taste, easy to work with, nice to be able to have a product quick to work with. No mess/no fuss.

Pillsbury Red Velvet Cookies
I usually bake from scratch but love red velvet cake and so couldn't resist trying these. Pros: 1) It doesn't get any easier than removing twelve pre-sliced rounds from a package and placing them on a cookie sheet. I enjoy baking, but sometimes me just want cookie, and me want...

Pillsbury Kickin' Buffalo Chicken Pizza Pops
I'm not a fan of spicy and thought this wouldn't be that spicy, it was spicy for me. Didn't taste good. The dough and the filling were gross.

Pillsbury Blazin' Beef Nacho Pizza Pops
yikes nope not for me!!! i do not like these pizza pops. the taste is .... how do i describe it.... nasty manufactured taste. the after taste was worse ... it tasted bad like it was over expired but it wasnt ... no way ... not for me