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President's Choice Reviews

PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie
I’m sure we all would prefer home baked chocolate chip cookies but that isn't always possible, these cookies are great if your craving a extra chocolate chip cookie. The actual cookie part on its own has a weird taste but the chocolate chips overpower it. The value is great...

Presidents Choice Ice Cream Shop Flavours
I can't believe it took me so long to try PC ice cream. It's a top quality ice cream for for a great price. With so many flavors to choose from you can not go wrong. My daughter who did not like ice cream now loves a scoop as often as she can get it. Thank you PC for these...

PC CLub Soda low sodium
We keep a case of PC soda in our fridge all the time. Of course it’s a great mixer with vodka and ginger ale, but also refreshing on its own or with a splash of fruit juice. So fewer calories than other carbonated beverages.

President's Choice Loads of All Dressed Chips
I don’t always go for outright junk food, but these are a treat I consider worth the occasional caloric splurge. President’s Choice just makes food tastier and fairly healthier than other brands, and the loading of flavour is a great idea. Love the all-dressed flavour too...

President's Choice Decadent Chocolate Chips
The pc decadent cookies is one of my most favorite cookie. it softness and taste is so good that made me like it alot. i will buy this cookies again and again.

President's Choice West Coast Dark Roast Gourmet Coffee
I love coffee and especially dark roast coffee. It’s been a challenge to find a good coffee that not only smells good but tastes good and has the strong dark roast flavour, I tried this one and loved it!! I will keep buying it over and over again.

President’s Choice Club Soda
President’s Choice club soda is super refreshing. I love how cheap it is and it’s the perfect little pick me up when you’re feeling sluggish in the afternoon at work.

President's Choice Diaper Rash Cream
This diaper cream is the thick, white cream. Amazing price for a very large container. We use it on our baby once when we see any sign of diaper rash and that's all we need to do. It goes away so fast. Even when he has had a pretty bad diaper rash, this cream works so quickly...

President's Choice Ginger Ale Soda
I’ve posted reviews on carbonated drinks like this before but this drink is decent carbonated. Where the real taste is when you make it flat. It’s amazing when its flat! If you can get your hands on this it’s a great buy!

President's Choice White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese
Let me start off by saying this Mac and cheese has a way better flavour then Kraft dinner! I love the creamy and cheesy flavour! The cheese tastes like homemade Mac and cheese! I go through so much of this monthly

PC Express Online Grocery Order
Unlike some of the other reviewers, I have had really positive experiences with PC Express. Yes, during the pandemic you often could not get a pickup slot within the week and that was frustrating. But they staffed up and then it was easier. My orders have always been correct and...

P.C. 100% mango juice
Pretty decent taste. Like all store bought fruit juices - it s not the same as fresh squeezed - but it tastes great. I craved mango juice all through my pregnancy and I tried quite a bit of brands - this one is def worth it

President's Choice Dairy-Free Kefir Coconut Milk
I like the benefits of 2 billion probiotic live active cultures for gut health. Taste amazing by the glass coconut cream fermented drink. Great in smoothies and over cereal. 10 different bacterial cultures. Vegetarian. DAIRY-FREE. Coconut milk.

President's Choice Coconut Milk Ice Cream
Love the new President's Choice vegan yogurts. All three flavours are really good! I especially like that they are cultured, so you're not missing out on any probiotics. The plain flavour makes a great sour cream substitute as well.

P.C. Dreamland Herbal Tea
I usually drink David’s Tea but my order hadn’t come in and I needed my tea SO after seeing that this Dreamland tea has almost all of the same ingredients as the Serenity Now from Davids I decided to give it a try. I usually love PC products. This tea has ZERO flavour!! I...