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Prince Lionheart

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Prince Lionheart Reviews

Prince Lionheart Faucet Extender
I bought this after reading many reviews from Amazon. My daughter couldn't reach the faucet to wash her hands. This product has solved all the problems.

Prince Lionheart Seat Neat
I got this protector for my breakfast bar chair. You would attach a booster seat over this and it has grip on the bottom and easily wipes clean. Machine washable and will protect your upholstery! Can use this on regular dining chairs as well. Works great!

Prince Lionheart Car Seat Protector
When I saw how rough the bottom of my car seat was I grew worried about my vehicle's seats. With a visit to Baby's R Us, I learned about seat protectors. This Lionheart brand was the most durable and was fairly priced. There has not been one indentation in my car seat and it...

Prince lionheart on the go bottle warmer
I had high hopes for this product but it has failed me and my baby time and time again. The claim is that it’s portable and reusable but the reality is that it’s not. You’re supposed to press a clip inside the packaging to cause the bottle warmer to heat up and then boil...

Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD Chocolate/Green
This booster is awesome! It is so easy to use, but it is also really comfortable for our kids. It has a nice squishy feel, and they both loved being in it, at the table. The colour is nice, we bought one we felt was unisex so we could reuse. It feels very stable on the chair.

Prince Lionheart WeePOD, Green
Had previously purchased a different seat, same brand. Decided To get something a little less Costly as my son is older now And doesn’t necessarily NEED it. Every time my son pees and we take the potty seat off, my toilet seat is COVERED in pee. I assume this seat is more for...

Prince Lionheart's Everywhere PlayMAT
We've been through a few playmats in my house and this one is by far the best. It's a great size. Big enough that both kids can play on it without getting in each other's way. It's reversible with cute animals in a zoo theme on one side and an adorable city scene on the other...

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug-Mouse
We got this for our one year old . He still has to grow just a tad before both feet touch the ground, but he seems to love it just the same.

Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer
My daughter hates cold wipes. My mom bought this for me as a gift for my baby girl. She loves the warm wipes but I have had it three months and the lid will no longer close which dries out the wipes. It is also hard to find replacement pads to put in the bottom of it.

Prince Lionheart bebepod Flex Baby Seat, Pink
Used this seat daily for everything from feeding at the table, sitting on the floor playing with toys on the tray, to outings at a restaurant. Loved how easy it was to use and clean up. The straps to attach it to a regular chair made it so we didn't even need a high chair with...

Prince Lionheart Knot-it Dispenser & 3 Pack Refill
These are great if you use disposable diapers. You can select the size of bag and they are great for visiting. Reduces the orders associated with disposable diapers. A good product.