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@vandalicoloco @AceHardware Hello! Just a few months ago, we approved these for retail sale. However, we didn't wan… https://t.co/jprHtTJGRW

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@angelmentzer Hi, Angel! Soap, paired with the action of washing (hands rubbing together), lifts germs from the ski… https://t.co/ohhYeBfmqW

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Thank you to all those who help the world stay well. https://t.co/N99yLT5Ajz

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Purell Reviews

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel
I really like this hand sanitizer! It is so convenient to carry around. I love how it does not make my hans feel skinny. I also really like how this sanitizer smells.

Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer with Aloe
Avec le Covid qui nous habite depuis bientôt 1 an, nous avons dû tester plusieurs désinfectant, car pendant un certain temps il était difficile de trouver le désinfectant de la marque purell. cette marque est de loin la meilleure et surtout celle qui contient de l’aloès...

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes
These wipes are thin but tough. It smells clean and doesn't leave any icky residue. I love keepig these around the house to quickly wipe surfaces and my hands. The only downside is how drying it feels, but, it is something in common with the other sanitizing wipes.

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer NATURALS
As we all know, hand sanitizer went from something most people had around to an essential and necessity. It became even more important to use a reputable brand and Purell is one that I know and trust.

Purell sanitizing Wipes clean refreshing scent
These are simply nice cleaning wipes. Can be used on pretty much any surface .I use on doors , walls , counters ,even in my car! These don't have a strong smell but enough to leave your house/car smelling clean. These quickly wipe off counters.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Single Packets
I have this product with me everywhere I go,my daughter took some on a field trip with her to the zoo. I love the size of the single packets it makes it easy to travel and the fold down method makes it easy to use, I have recommended this product to my family and friends and...