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Samsung Reviews

Samsung  Galaxy s8
This phone was one of best phones i have had since my S3 and Note 4 processesor strong like a bull you can run 2 program at a time screen is a bold and vibrant colors for videos and video editing great ram.

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung's galaxy s7 has been quite disappointing. Very glitchy, and it's slow. Like most Samsung products it's packed full of bloatware which seems to lag the OS and makes for a frustrating smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
I had spent hundreds on trying to find the perfect watch that is a smart watch and fitness watch. The samsung galaxy watch gave me lots of options to customize it to my style along with giving me all the functions I needed for my busy life. Not only does it track my activities...

samsung Frame TV
We bought our frame tv for a few reasons, but most importantly was that we were lacking wall space for both pictures and a TV. So we looked into the Samsung Frame TV and so glad we made the decision to buy it! The TV itself is very clear and comparable to our other Samsung tv...

Samsung Galaxy Tab A
I bought this for my 3 year old and it has held up soo well. Have had it for a year and it had been thrown and stepped on on works just like new! Well built product!

Samsung 3D Smart TV
I bought this TV with the desire for a large television. The plasma screen provides a clear picture, does not work well in a high light area. This product works optimally in a low light atmosphere. The pairing capabilities are fantastic! It is simple to cast your Samsung phone...

Samsung galaxy s9
I am very brand loyal to Samsung. They were my 1st ever phone back when they had a pink flip phone to this S9. They aren't filled with bloatware and their apps work well.

Samsung washer
I purchased a Samsung washer after having two other washers I hated the Samsung front loaders are wonderful my clothes are now cleaner and fresher than ever

Samsung  smart TV
I have a 47 inch Samsung smart tv. I love this tv. It has amazing picture and sound. I love that I can plug in an hdmi or flash drive to play games or movies.

samsung J7
samsung J7

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Samsungs J7 was an emergency cell phone purchase. The other options were triple the price or more! To be honest, I was worried the phone would be awful since it was so much cheaper. The phone has been amazing. Using it I cant see much difference between this phone and its more...

Samsung 65" Smart TV 4K Serie8
My husband brought this as a treat for himself to replace our old 55” tv. Great value for money, looks lovely, not too overpowering even though it’s 65” due to the edges being very slim. Very impressed with it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7"
This isthe gratest thing since slice breatd. Had it for five yearz and never had a problem with it. Love playing games on it. Makes me ferl happy and joyful.

Samsung blu-ray player
Not long ago I purchased a Samsung Blu-Ray player and I have been very pleased with its quality. We did not buy the most expensive one, just the basic model. We have at times (especially when I am cleaning the house or the kids are sick) I have had the Blu-ray Player playing...

Samsung slide in range double oven
I just had my Samsung slide in range with double oven delivered. I cooked my first meal and I absolutely love it I can cook 2 different things at different temperature, unlike the old stoves the bottom element is hidden so doesn't get in the way when cleaning. The best decision...

Samsung galaxy tab e lite 7 inch
Ww bought this tablet for our 6 year old for christmas. It works great for kids youtube, games and even has a good enough camera for his use. We love it!