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Samsung Reviews

Samsung galaxy s10
I normally go for the iPhone but decided to try the Samsung Galaxy s10. This phone is amazing the battery lasts all day, it's easy to use and the functions available on it are brilliant. Its fast charging which is great as it only takes just over an hour to fully charge. It's...

Samsung  Galaxy s8
I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S8 and I love it! I have had no issues with this phone. I love the is of use this phone offers. I love the fact that you can get rewards from Samsung and that you can also get free themes and wallpapers through the Galaxy store. You can customize...

Samsung tablet cover with stand
Thin cover that holds tablet and wireless key board . back of cover flips outward to become a stand if you want it upright. Wipes down easy. Black in color purchaded from amazon.

Samsung 5Se tablet
Nice and thin. Excellent picture quality when gaming,watching tv, movies on it. Fast to load apps Can be used with wirekes key board You can add a case for protection.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
I bought a galaxy watch for my husband and I as a treat. I wear mine every day, I take calls on it and reply to messages. It is so easy to use! I originally just wanted a nice watch that counted my steps, and now i use it for everything. Love it!

samsung Frame TV
We bought our frame tv for a few reasons, but most importantly was that we were lacking wall space for both pictures and a TV. So we looked into the Samsung Frame TV and so glad we made the decision to buy it! The TV itself is very clear and comparable to our other Samsung tv...

Samsung 3D Smart TV
New Samsung UHD TV works with Alexa so your life just got simpler. It’s easy to connect your Alexa-enabled devices. With Samsung UHD TV's compatibility, have Alexa turn on your TV, change channels, control volume, and more. * Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are...

Samsung  smart TV
We have Samsung tv now for over 3 years. Totally love the brand. We will upgrade ours in the same brand. I have seen other different brands in our family and friends home but Samsung is best in look, colours and usage.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A
I bought this for my 3 year old and it has held up soo well. Have had it for a year and it had been thrown and stepped on on works just like new! Well built product!

Samsung washer
I purchased a Samsung washer after having two other washers I hated the Samsung front loaders are wonderful my clothes are now cleaner and fresher than ever

samsung J7
samsung J7

1 review

Samsungs J7 was an emergency cell phone purchase. The other options were triple the price or more! To be honest, I was worried the phone would be awful since it was so much cheaper. The phone has been amazing. Using it I cant see much difference between this phone and its more...

Samsung 65" Smart TV 4K Serie8
This samsung tv has been great! I love that I do not need a seperate device to watch netflix, youtube, etcetera. It is all right on screen with this clear, HD, tv.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7"
This isthe gratest thing since slice breatd. Had it for five yearz and never had a problem with it. Love playing games on it. Makes me ferl happy and joyful.

Samsung blu-ray player
Not long ago I purchased a Samsung Blu-Ray player and I have been very pleased with its quality. We did not buy the most expensive one, just the basic model. We have at times (especially when I am cleaning the house or the kids are sick) I have had the Blu-ray Player playing...

Samsung slide in range double oven
I just had my Samsung slide in range with double oven delivered. I cooked my first meal and I absolutely love it I can cook 2 different things at different temperature, unlike the old stoves the bottom element is hidden so doesn't get in the way when cleaning. The best decision...