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Special K

Originated as a lightly toasted breakfast cereal, Special K has branched off from its mother company, Kellogs to market for a slimmer, healthier lifestyle for women. The idea was first introduced to the United  states in 1956, and has thus grown to become one of the most famous dietary foods in the world. Besides cereal, Special K also provides cereal bars, meal replacements, and protein shakes. ChickAdvisor members recommend the Red Berries and Chocolatey Delight cereal, and Fruit Crisps.

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Special K Reviews

Special K Red Berries Cereal
This cereal is my number one choice. it’s delicious, good for you and a great taste. I don’t usually eat dried fruit but, I absolutely love this. I go through one box within a few days

Special K Popcorn Chips
I bought these for my daughter to try as an alternative to sending her chips to school. She loved the sour cream and onion flavour and I would definitely purchase them again.

Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal
I have to say I'm very impressed with the Special K line. I picked up a box of Special K Vanilla Almond thinking here's something new let's give it a go. I was a little concerned as I normally stick to their original box and bars. I noticed the flakes looked a little " crunchy"...

Special K Pastry Crisps
These are a great little snack for anytime! They taste like a more grown up pop tart! Easy to toss in your bag for on the go, and a good kick of sweetness. I also like how you get 2 in a pack- my kids can share or I can indulge! Yum!

Special K Low Fat Granola Cereal
Kellogs granola is one of my top selections for light, healthy, filling breakfast. Add a bit of yogurt, fresh berries (nuts if fancy) and your heallthy breakfast is sorted.

Special K Protein Cereal
Excellente céréales protéinés, mais j'aimerai avec plus de fibres et avec un peu plus de gout car elle son un peu fade. Prix élevé, donc j’achète quand elle son a rabais.

Special K Nourish Cranberries and Almonds Bars
I like these bars as a fun snack. they're crunchy and delicious. Great taste. Convenient to take while on the go. I use it for lunch or after a workout.

Special K Pastry Crisps Cookies and Cream
Semblable à une pop-tarts mais beaucoup moins calorique, une très bonne collation croquante et chocolatée. La portion est parfaite pour un dessert ou une collation. Je les trouve délicieuses.

Special K Nourish Apple Raspberry Almond Bar
This cereal tastes great, not bland at all like I thought it might be. There are lots of almond and raspberry pieces. Definitely my favorite cereal!!!

Special K Bar in Strawberry
So I have not long started a diet about a month in. And I have been struggling so badly not to snack and where I have cut my portions down as well I seem to be struggling with it. But I have these hen I get too peckish and they are just enough. I have lost 4lbs so far !!

Special K Protein Bars
I got a free sample in the mail and was really pleased with the product. Nutritious and good tasting unlike other proteins bars I've tried in the past. I tried both caramel pretzel and pecans chocolate and both are amazing. I bought 2 boxes. Cant wait to bring them to school!

Special K Fruit Crisps in Blueberry
The Blueberry is my least favorite of all the fruit crisp flavors. That's because blueberries are my least favorite berry. But these crisps are still very tasty. Great snack for lunches. Satisfy my sweet cravings. Better choice than a pop or chocolate bar. A little expensive...

Special K Blueberry Cereal
This cereal is delicious and I really like it because it leaves me full for hours. Some cereals you eat and then you're hungry an hour later. This cereal leaves me full until lunch time (sometimes more!)

Special K Cracker Crisps Salt and Vinegar
J'aime beaucoup ces craquelins chips, ils sont très croquants, semblables à des chips et moins graisseux. Le goût de sel et vinaigre est très bon, pas trop prononcé mais bien présent.

Special K Original Cereal
I bought these yesterday again because i just really enjoyed the simplicity and the texture of this cereal. I don't know how to explain it but, believe me when i say these are really good. I pour myself a bowl of this with milk and i add some sugar to it ! best way to eat it.