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Spin Master Reviews

Tech Deck Danny Way Mega Half Pipe Ramp Set
My 6 year old daughter was excited to get this. It was bigger then I had expected. My husband did have to help her put it together and he did have a bit of a hard time. He stated the instructions were a bit confusing. Took him about 45 minutes in total to get it all together...

PAW Patrol Big Truck Chase
My kids were SO excited to see this come out of the box, and I was SO excited to give it to them. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to our expectations. The concept is fun - a vehicle that converts to a rescue station that launches projectiles. As a adult, I don't know where...

Moonlite Starter Pack - Intermediate
I like it. Shines on the ceiling and you can read the kids to sleep. Unfortunately the kids don’t regally use it much anymore but it was good for a few uses like most kids toys are.

Air Hogs Supernova, Gravity Defying Hand-Controlled Flying Orb
First off, the battery life is super short! A full charge only lasts a few minutes. You have to use indoors or the thing can just fly away on you! It’s pretty loud and can be super annoying! The concept is good, a drone you can control with your hands, it’s just really...

Gabby's Dollhouse Hamster Kitties
Kids will love this cute toy. It allows them to be creative with 4 unique characters and they are very well made. My daughter just adores how cute the characters are and she likes to play with them.

USPS The Great American Mail Race Board Game
From a content standpoint this was great, I loved all the pieces and the stamps. From a game perspective this was kinda boring, my kids didn’t really enjoy playing it. It was slightly difficult to understand the instructions as well. I would suggest adding a video or getting a...

Gabby’s Dollhouse Carlita and Pandy Paws Picnic
This was a toy we found to add on to our littles Gabby collection. She is in heaven with the Carlita and her seatbelts. She loves to put all her different characters in there so they can “voom” around!

Purse Pets Luxey Charms
My niece received Purse Pets Luxey Charms and loved them! She likes to put cute baubles and keychains on her school backpack and this was a great addition to her collection. She already owns a regular Purse Pet (the unicorn one) and was delighted to receive these too. A fun...

Gabby's Dollhouse Groovy Music Room
Where my daughter is a big Gabby's Dollhouse fan, she was so excited to try this product out. "She said she would recommend this to toy to any boy or girl as it's so colourful and so much fun playing with, she does wish it came with more kitties. #gotitfree #familyrated...

DC Comics, The Flash Young Barry Action Figure 12-inch (style may vary)
Love the size of the boy. Easy to hold while playing. Also like that it does not have any small parts that would get lost quickly. Everything is paid ted nicely and looks realistic. It does have. An odd scent to it. Make sure kids don't put in in their mouth

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Deluxe Rev Up Vehicle with Mystery Dinosaur Figure
My daughter loves suprises and loves paw patrol so I had to get her this she loves it!! She wants all the paw patrol dinosaurs!! Can’t wait to get them all for her!!

Batman 12-inch Deluxe Figures
I got the Batman 12-inch Deluxe Figure for my son to play and review. He loved the toy. Although it is a little big, he enjoys carrying it around and pretend playing with it. Would definitely recommend it to any Batman child fan!

PAW Patrol Rescue Knights Castle HQ Transforming 11-Piece Playset
My kids love this toy! They were very happy getting this new Paw Patrol Rescue Knight Castle Hq as we didn’t have this one yet! It has so many features and provides hours of fun! Well my kids love Paw Patrol so lucky for me that I got chosen to get this product for...

BATMAN Launch and Defend Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle
I am so glad I decided to go ahead and buy this for my Grandson he is right years old and this was perfect for him we went to the park where they had hills to run this car up an down the hills and all over this amazing oark.he put this car thru some rough tumbles it's still...

PAW Patrol Cat Pack, Rory’s Transforming Toy Car
We have a 7 year old non verbal autistic boy who is infatuated with Paw Patrol. He loved this toy but lost interest quicker than he has with others. It would be perfect if pushing on the wing not only expanded the car but also accelerated it. Or even a pull style motor.