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Spin Master Reviews

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Mystery Wheel with 20 Surprises
This was a great gift for my 5 year old daughter. It was a blast to open and the hatchimals along with their accessories were a big hit. These are some of her favorite!

Purse Pets Savannah Spotlight
Received this or free to review and at first I was excited to have this for my neice, who is blind. I thought the sounds would be something exciting for her to interact with as there's not many toys for blind children but even though it states it's for children 3 and up ( she is...

Bakugan Geogan, Amphrog, Geogan Rising Collectible Action Figure and Trading Cards
#FamilyRatedClub is reviewing Spin Master Toy's Bakugan Geogan Rising. Each came with as collectible action figure and trading cards. I was given Amphrog to review. There are over 60 creatures from Vestoria the land they are from. I had never heard Bakugan (I am shortening...

Paw Patrol Rubble & Crew Rubble Tool Belt
I received this product for testing purposes. My toddler (girl) loved holding these product pieces and playing with them. It breaks gender stereotypes with its adorable packaging and vibrant colours. It’s fun, has large, curved corners and ages for children over 1.5. I...

Rusty Rivets - Tigerbot
Best toy, my four year old son and I played with it for a long time. It is a very strong toy. My son is very a rough little boy. And this toy can handle him. I would love to buy the other toys that are from the show. I did get this one free so I know they are worth paying for

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Collectible True Metal Vehicle
My 4 year old son loves paw patrol but likes to break his toys by being curious. This is something he can't break. Very durable and small enough to take anywhere to play with.

Kinetic Sand, Mummy Tomb, 6oz Natural Brown Play Sand
My kid like the small shawel and was enjoin to dig IN but from 3 hidden treasure, 2 was very very small and I would be afraid to let it inside. I checked on the website https://www.spinmaster.com/en-US/brands/kinetic/kinetic-sand-treasure-hunt-playset , it is say kids 3+ I...

Wizarding World Harry Potter, Magical Minis Hogwarts Express Train Toy Playset
The magical mini toy train express was a delight for all ages of children to play with. The incredible details in all the animals, train and characters made them quite special. Right down to Mr Potters glasses. If you have a Harry Potter fan in your family you can’t go wrong...

PAW Patrol, Aqua Pups Marshall and Dolphin Action Figures Set
I received PAW Patrol, Aqua Pups Marshall and Dolphin Action Figures set from Butterly for free in exchange for my honest review. As a Paw Patrol fan, I thought my 4-year old nephew would love this surprise toy. He has so many Paw Patrol toys, including action figures and...

Mermaid High Spring Break Raynea Mermaid Doll
My daughter absolutely loves this doll! She likes that the tail is removable, so she can still be a regular doll as well. I found the packaging very difficult to open! I ended up accidentally cutting off a chunk of the dolls hair trying to get it out of the packaging. Aside from...

PAW Patrol Rescue Knights Ryder and Pups Gift Pack
I received the Ryder and pups rescue gift pack and it came with 4 dogs, 3 dragons and Ryder which was good. Size was nice for younger kids and they were colourful. Legs, arms and head don’t move nor do any of the parts of the of the animals. They are pretty static. My son...

The Batman Turbo Boost Batmobile, Remote Control Car
We all loved this toy! Perfect deed, durable system the kick up action against the end was a fun surprise for me little ones, giggles everytime. We recommend this remote control car toy 👍

Demo Duke - Crashing and Transforming Vehicle
My two kids have been obsessed with playing with this truck. They literally fight over who gets to play with it. It's fun and they even take it outside and on trips to the beach and it still works properly. It can take a lot of rough and tumble play which is perfect for kids.

Batman Gotham City Train Station Havoc Playset with 4-inch Action Figures
My nephew really enjoyed playing with these toys. He has just started entering the superhero phase and is completely enamored by all of the heroes. He watches The Flash on TV so he was thrilled to get The Flash in this set. The toys were good quality although the packaging...

Moonlite Starter Pack - Junior
This movie projector deal is a fun concept. I enjoyed the little stories, as did my son. I love the variety they have and think they are enjoyable. I did have issues with the app closing on me as well as the device itself being hard to hold onto my phone. Regardless of the few...