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@JohnZam54746895 Hi John, An email has been sent to your j.zamora1984@yahoo.com email address. Thank you!

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@JohnZam54746895 Hi there,  We are sorry to hear that your son broke the remote controller of his Monster Jam Mega… https://t.co/xqzBKD9ZHs

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ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: Applications for our 2023 Future of Play Scholarship program are NOW OPEN! Learn more abo… https://t.co/50XZ0Jjj4L

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Spin Master Reviews

Monster Jam Mega Megalodon Remote Control Vehicle
This car is super durable and my daughter is putting it through the ringer, driving it mostly outside. It's really fast and stays charged long enough for her to have fun and take turns driving it with a friend

Campaign Dice Tower, Portable 7 Polyhedral Dice Role-Playing Board Games (DND, MTG, and more)
I didn't necessarily feel that this is a NEED for game play but it would be great playing in groups. The artwork is amazing , definitely catches the eye. My daughter is obsessed with collecting dice, she decided to give it a try and claims "it makes me not get so many doubles"...

Paw Patrol Look Out Tower
The Paw Patrol Look Out Tower is so much fun! If your child likes paw patrol, this toy is a must have!!! It always comes out when his friends come over. Such a fun toy, that is also easy to tidy up!

Bakugan Multipack Genesis Elemental Collection Action Figures
The Bakugan Evolutions Genesis collection is amazing. It contains two Nanogan, four Bakucores , 2 light up Bakugan and so much more.It’s the biggest pack yet and my kid loves how it lights up and transforms as they play different games.It’s so versatile as when they are not...

PAW Patrol, Talking Chase 12-Inch-Tall Interactive Plush Toy
My son totally love this paw patrol chase so cute it’s like a company for him he seems to be best friends day and night he hugs chase and he was happy with the sounds and having a great time listening playing with chase he said he had a best friend

Batman Wayne Tower Mayhem Playset 3-pack Action Figures
The kuds cant get enough of this spinmaster toy. Endless hours of enjoyment for the 3 youngest. They play with it for hours, not interested in my dinner call at all. Too busy All 4 of my kids are pre occupied with this. Well worth the money for hour of fun and laughs.would...

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, Rainbow-cation Family Hatchy Home Playset
I’m not sure why the kids seem to like opening things. Opening little packages cracking open the little hearts on the eggs… the kids love it all. My daughter has been playing with this set non stop since she got it. I had to track down all the pieces to make this review.

PAW Patrol Al Deluxe Big Truck
My 4 year old son enjoyed playing with this Paw Patrol truck for a short amount of time. When he first received it he was happy and played with it to test out it’s features. He liked loading the logs and driving it around with Marshall as the driver. But after he figured out...

Cardinal Games Zillionaires Game
We were excited to try this game out as we are an avid board gaming family. We have all sorts of games from card games to strategy games to bluffing games and loved this game. The game is easy to learn and appropriate for even younger kids (our youngest is 11). We played this a...

Paw Patrol Big Rig Mega Rubble Toy Vehicle
My son has so happy when he opened the box that we got in the mail, his face was priceless. He loves paw patrol and rubble is his favourite puppy on the show. I definitely recommend for others to buy this for there child.

Wizarding World Harry Potter, Hogwarts Role Play Divination Tea Set and Crystal Ball
My son's really enjoyed playing with this tea set, they love Harry Potter and thought the set was so cute! They had hours and hours of fun playing with it!

Kinetic Sand Swirl N Surprise Sand Kit
The kinetic sand is amazing! It feels awesome and my nephew loves is. It's also very therapeutic. I would 100% reccomend this product and would buy more sand to continue using even as an adult!

PAW Patrol Aqua Pups Marshall Transforming Dolphin Vehicle with Collectible Action Figure
While my child does like this Paw Patrol vehicle, it does not "transform" as much I expected. The fins pop out and it shoots a water bullet, but it does not change shape. My daughter likes that the cockpit opens so that Marshall can "fly." It is made of sturdy plastic and would...

PAW Patrol Big Truck Zuma
My son was super excited to find this in the mail…although it arrived very late. He’s a huge paw patrol fan…he’s been playing it everyday since we got it.

PAW Patrol Aqua Pups Rubble Transforming Hammerhead Shark Vehicle with Collectible Action Figure
The Paw Patrol Aqua Pups Shark vehicle with collectible action figure is fun to play with. The action figure is a great addition to the paw patrol collection.