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Tide is the brand-name of a laundry detergent manufactured by Procter & Gamble, first introduced in 1946. Popular products offered by Tide include Ultra Tide Powder Detergents, Tide Liquid Laundry Detergents, Tide Pods, and Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover. For more information visit tide.com

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@MorganBlainexo We always expect our detergent to give you an easy clean, so we're disappointed to see this, Morgan… https://t.co/vwhjq6trqW

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@_mercedeskenzz_ It's a great question, but we don't recommend using our Tide to Go pen for personal hygiene use. C… https://t.co/sgT5D2f69m

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@KevinShutty But what happened to the pickle 😨 We're glad to hear the crisis was averted! When it comes to grabbing… https://t.co/YLiSHacxyS

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Tide Reviews

Tide Laundry Pods
Tide Laundry Pods

565 reviews

I found with this product that I was left with residue on some of my clothes so I periodically have to rewash some of my loads when it worked good I found it to be a good clean fresh smelling load of laundry but this would only happen in one of five loads unfortunately

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover
Mixed feelings! Love the idea for this product but I've had mixed results. It often depends on the stain. It will not remove stuborn makeup but i have had success getting out minor stains from food spashes etc. Definitely doesnt hurt to have one handy

Tide Coldwater Liquid Laundry Detergent
We normally buy tide pods but, we wash in cold water often enough that I decided to get this cold water detergent when I saw it on sale a few days ago. I love it and will be buying it again. Our clothes smell so good and so clean after washing with cold water

Tide Original Acti-Lift Liquid Laundry Detergent
Tide is the best detergent hands down. I can't afford it most of the time tho. I finally got the dollar general app and add digital coupons. Now I can get tide for $2!!!!whoohoo.it works great in a bucket to mop with. The sent are amazing and fresh. Not so over purfumy

Tide Pods Detergent Spring Meadow
I really enjoy this product. However, i think it is too expensive, there are another alternatives cheaper and that are effective too. Anyhow it is really good product! If cheaper i would only use it.

Tide + Downy 4 in 1 Pods
Only need to use 1 pod per load for most loads, unlike other pods. Leaves clothes smelling great. Keeps my gym clothes smelling fresh and not like sweat

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Laundry Detergent
I have always trusted Tide to get my clothes cleaner than any other detergent but it was more expensive than the rest. This product is less expensive than other tide products but cleans the same.

Tide pods 4 in1with downy
Oh I got a sample of these from Costco and fell in love with them. They are so convient and nice to store in the container and not having to buy sorfner and all that. I even got my mom and sister to buy them I gave them 1 to try and they fell in love with them too. I totally...

Tide Pods Original
I do like the pods, they are easy to use and clothes come out clean. The one issue that I have is with residue being left on the clothes. It does not happen all the time but there looks to be plastic left on the clothes when they come out of the washer. I assume it is the outer...

Tide Pods Laundry Detergent Spring Meadow
I like using tide pods, no mess no fuss, so easy to use, lightly scented, not bad. Most important cleans my clothes well without ruining them. Good value for your money

tide clean and fresh laundry detergent
Ma peau accepte difficilement les parfums et autres additifs et j'avais de la difficulté à trouver un détergent qui ne me cause pas de problème. Le Tide Clean and Fresh est parfait pour moi.

Tide Clean and Fresh Laundry Soap
Absolutely love the tide product. Only detergent that I will use on my family's clothing. Gets everything nice and clean and leaves a fresh scent for days after washing

Tide Free and Gentle liquid
My son has pretty sensitive skin when it comes to laundry soap. I've tried both the Pods and the liquid when it comes to this Tide. It gets out those typical child stains, and doesn't wash out the colour of clothes. Definitely reccomend.

Tide Pods Free And Gentle
I get itchy if my clothes have been washed in detergents that have fragrance and probably a couple more things. Tide free and clear makes me itchy! I’m not sure what is in it that makes me itchy but it causes a fairly bad reaction.

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent
This is my first time using this, I'm a Gain girl myself, but saw this on sale and thought, why not. Glad i did, i was happy with the clean and the smell.