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TostitosCanada  Tostitos Canada

@rettiwtsremas Glad to hear you're a fan! Thanks for the love 😊

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TostitosCanada  Tostitos Canada

@3dancegirls Please call us at 1-800-376-2257 so we can gather all the info to look into this further. Thanks!

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TostitosCanada  Tostitos Canada

@cparr87 Looks like you got an odd bag. Please reach out to us at 1-800-376-2257 and let them know. They’ll take care of it!

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Tostitos Reviews

Tostitos Scoops Tortilla Chips
I bought these chips for my daughter Eibhlin, and as a family we were extremely unsatisfied. The chips were broken before i opened the bag, and the scoopability and structural integrity is just disappointing. Unfortunately, I bought the family kind so we threw a superbowl party...

Tostitos mild salsa
Ok so I love to make as many things from scratch/homemade as I can but when I have to purchase salsa this is our go to. It absolutely delicious, the ingredients aren’t too bad and the price is happy always reasonable.

Tostitos Bite Size Rounds Tortilla Chips
this tortilla chip is the perfect size for dipping. and because they are round i find that there are less broken ones in the bag unlike the other triangle ones.

Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips
I love these chips! The lime really brings out the corn chip flavour. With or without salsa or cheese, they taste great. Sometimes I crush them and add them to taco salads. Delicious!

Tostitos multigrain black bean & garlic
We were given bag of Tostitos Multigrain Black Bean & Garlic tortilla chips to try and have been buying these whenever we get the chip munchies now. These chips are fresh, crunchy and have an amazing flavour! We usually use tortillas to eat with dips but with these, you will...

Tostitos Multigrain Roasted Red Pepper
These are very good. I love to eat them on their own but they’re also very good with salsa. I highly recommend you to buy some if you see them in store!

Tostitos Hint of Roasted Garlic
I sent my husband to the grocery store. I was putting them away and thought he made a grave error. Used them anyways. THEY WERE FANTASTIC!! Perfect amount of garlic. Sooo good.

Tostitos Medium Salsa con Queso
I love this product. It’s very cheesy and creamy. All you have to do is warm it a bit and eat with chips. I always use this at parties and everyone likes it.

tostitos chunky mild salsa
This salsa is good for entertaining in a party. The salsa tastes good and i really appreciate they create the chunky salsa, because is more easy to dip and get the product in the tostitos without fall.

Tostitos lime zest
I was really interested to try this flavour of Tostitos. I was surprised with how much you could really taste the lime. It gave the chips a nice refreshing flavour.

Tostitos Multigrain Scoops
Tostitos multigrain chips taste like they have an added spice to them. They are absolutely delicious, and this is coming from someone who eats white bread... Make these with nachos and cheese and they are like little scoops of heaven!

Tostitos Hint of garlic
I absolutely LOVE Tostitos, hint of lime and jalapeno, and now, they have garlic! I could have devoured the entire bag in one sitting. The garlic is luckily not a hint, but a good dose. These'll keep the vampires away! They didn't even make it to dip or salsa. (no pic online...

Tostitos Artisan Grilled Red Pepper and Tomato tortilla chips
I love this new flavour of Tostitos, it's a bit like a Dorito and regular Tostito. I bought them for dip or salsa, but I eat them on their own they're so good. When they're on sale for $2, get 'em, you won't regret it!

Tostitos Artisan Roasted Garlic and Black Bean
I bought these chips to try something new. They were delicious, just salty enough to eat on their own (we ate half a bag as stand alone chips), and amazing when served with salsa. Definitely recommend for a different twist to plain chips!

tostitos with hint of jalapeno
Add a little heat to your next get-together with TOSTITOS® Hint of Jalapeño Flavored Tortilla Chips. They are the Original Restaurant Style tortilla chips you love with just the right amount of jalapeño spice. They are the perfect complement to all your favorite dips and...